Setting Up your SeekBeak Preferences 4 years ago

Things are cooling down here in Canada, but the features in SeekBeak just keep getting hotter!

One might say that as my newsletter intro sentences keep getting worse and worse, SeekBeak keeps getting better and better, because of feedback from people like you!

If you’ve logged on in the past week or so, you’ll have noticed a couple of substantial updates rolled out:


SeekBeak now lets you set various preferences, either globally, or per Snap. To set the base preferences for all new Snaps you create, simply click the new “Snap Preferences” in your “My Snaps” page next time you log in.


To set preferences per Snap, simply click the “Prefs” gear icon when editing a Snap. These settings will override the global ones, so you can customize everything just the way you like it.


“But Tim”, you say, “What kind of preferences are there?”

I’m glad you asked:

SeekBeak Preferences

  • Set Snap start position view
  • Auto Rotation
    • Enable/Disabled Auto Rotation of the Snap on load
    • Restart auto rotation after X seconds of inactivity
    • Auto Rotate Speed
  • Zoom Levels (Field of View)
    • Set the initial zoom level
    • Set maximum zoom in, and out, levels.
  • View Pitch Limiting
    • Limit how far up, from the horizon, the user can look  (Hide the Zenith!)
    • Limit how far down the user can look (Hide the Nadir)
  • Disable/Enable Gyro/Accelerometer movement on mobile phones
  • Disable/Enable the information header showing when users view your Snap
  • Disable/Enable Mouse wheel zooming for embedded Snaps. (This prevents web page scrolling issues depending on how you’ve embedded your Snap.)

The second big update is the ability to upload your own custom vector based icons to use in Hotspots. Yes, no longer are you limited to the confines of only using the generic icons provided! To keep things looking good across all devices, icons must be in the .svg vector format. This means that, unlike a .jpg or .png, they will show up crystal clear on any device, at any resolution.

I’ve tacked a “beta” label on the Hotspot Icon features for now, until I’m convinced it’s working 100% for everyone. To see the feature in action, check out this little 1 minute clip:

As always, these updates also come loaded with various bug fixes and performance tweaks to the platform, and all new additions will work great from your desktop, or mobile phone.

If you have any issues, suggestions, comments, or general feedback, our e-doors are always open! You can get a hold of us via the contact areas on the website, or by clicking the Twitter / Facebook icons below.

Till next time!

Tim Allan

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