Add a 2D map or floor-plan to your 360 image or virtual tour 2 years ago

Announcing the huge new “Maps” update, as well as an updated Management Dashboard.

Add a 2D map or floor-plan to your 360 image or virtual tour

Yes indeed, you now have the ability to use flat 2D images as Maps to link your Snaps together! Maps are basically the equivalent of a Floor Plan, with more of a generic name to cater for the myriad of ways you all are using SeekBeak.

After more than a few attempts, we at SeekBeak HQ think we’ve come up with a nice balance of flexibility, and ease of use, with the new Maps feature.

Creating a Map, and using the new Map Editor, is almost identical to the way you’ve been adding Hotspots to your Snaps, just now in 2D. You have the same options for colors, icons and animations as your Snap Hotspots do. Hotspot placement, editing, and adjusting is all the same as well!

I’ve done up a quick 3 minute video which shows how simple the whole process is:

How Do the Maps work?

When you have a Map (or Maps!) uploaded to a Group, anyone viewing a Snap within that Group will see a new “Maps” option in their bottom navigation bar. Clicking it will pop open the flashy new Map Viewer.

The Map Viewer comes with some cool options, like map selection, fullscreen view, zooming, dragging, and auto re-centering.

Did we mention that the map features work the same on mobile as they do on desktop, including ALL the editing and viewing functions?

But how do you add, edit, and delete maps? I’m glad you asked, and what a fantastic time to segue into the other big announcement:

Updated Dashboard!

Your Dashboard now allows you to manage:

  • Snaps and Maps.
  • Reporting for Snaps and Groups of Snaps.
  • Custom Hotspot Icons.
  • Groups.

… all in one place! It’s faster and easier than ever to manage all your content. Simply select the area you wish to manage from the new drop down menu, and follow the prompts.

Best of all, it’ll magically be available, next time you log in

The Maps/Floor Plan addition was a huge update which has been requested numerous times, and there’s still much more in store for SeekBeak as a Platform
We try and test on as many systems as we can, and quash as many bugs as possible, but if you find anything out of the ordinary, please let us know!
As always, any comments or feedback you may have is invaluable. Please contact us if you’ve got anything to get off your chest.

Until next time!

Tim Allan


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