Viewing 360 images in VR

Hi all,

Just a quick update today to let you know about a new feature that just appeared in SeekBeak:

Quick… hide!

Show your 360 images in VR


There is a new “Show in VR” button you’ll now be seeing in the Hotspot Edit Menu. This allows you to hide hotspots when your Snap is being viewed in Stereo/VR mode. When your Snap is being viewed in “normal” mode, everything appears as per usual.

This feature is quite handy for things such as: preventing your viewers from opening up custom embeds that don’t play nice in VR/Stereo mode, inadvertently making a phone call, or any Hotspot activity that might not be ideal in a VR/Stereo situation.

By default, the preference is set to “show”, so everything you’ve already made will behave exactly the same.

That’s it! For the exciting stuff anyways…

Of course there were the usual tweaks and fixes, and a special thanks to Alec for helping track down a nasty bug affecting the display of certain custom Nadir patches.

Finally, don’t forget about the launch of our Referral Program last week. If you haven’t looked at the new Referrals area in your Dashboard, go check it out! It’s an easy way to get your account paid for, and to get friends a free month of SeekBeak as well.

As usual, we’d love to hear from you with any comments or suggestions you may have.  Feel free to get a hold of us any time via the website, reply to this email, or hit us up via our socials below.

Tim Allan

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