A Guide to SeekBeak's Reports - Powerful Data Analytics for 360 Photos 2 years ago

SeekBeak is proud to offer the most comprehensive data tracking reporting available on any 360 photo platform. Using our reports, you can really understand what users are interacting with and responding to. Your clients will love being able to track which images are bringing in traffic and which ones are really engaging potential customers. Depending on your subscription plan, you can graph and compare up to 6 months worth of data, getting a long term view of how things are performing. Reports are found in the Dashboard of your user account, some reports are only available to paid users.

Hotspot Click Report 

The Hotspot Click report tells you how many clicks each of your hotspots have received. This powerful report can help you see which content is interesting audiences the most. You could track leads generated by from snap by tracking link or phone call hotspots. You can see how many people are exploring secondary content like text, images, and videos.

Active Duration Report

This report tells you how long people are staying on each Snap. Use this to learn which Snaps are most visually engaging and if your content is encouraging people to explore the image and hotspots.

Browser Report

This report is broken into 5 sections, 3 of which are shown here:

  • Browsers – Which internet browser your users are using to view your Snap
  • Platforms – Which operating system your users are using
  • Device Category – Is your traffic from Mobile, Desktop, or Tablets. This information is very important for designing your website. All SeekBeak snaps are completely mobile and tablet friendly
  • Devices – Learn which computer models or mobile phones are most popular with your audience
  • Top 20 Countries – This shows you where in the world your audience is coming from.

Visit Count Report

This report is great for tracking the popularity of your image over time. You can use it to see patterns in website traffic, spikes in interest, or seasonality effects.

Social Sharing Report

Want to know how your Snap is being shared? This report will give you all the ways people are sharing your content.

Heatmap Reports

Hotspot Reports are a very unique feature of SeekBeak. We’re the only platform that allows you to see where exactly your audience viewed in the 360 photo. You’ll be able to spot particular points of interest to users, and where they lingered. Use the “gear” icon in the top left to control the size of the hotspots. For more information on Heatmaps, click here.

Snap List Report

This report allows you to generate a simple listing of all your Snaps, with their individual and group identifiers, complete with public links. Generate group based Snap lists for your clients, real estate properties, customers, classrooms, or whatever you’re using SeekBeak for! No more opening up a Snap, copying and pasting the URL, and moving onto the next one. You can now easily print off an entire listing of all the Snap URLs in a group, grab the columns that are important to you, and send it off!

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[…] One of SeekBeak’s unique features is the ability to see how often each hotspot is clicked in your image. These Hotspot reports are a great way to see if people are interacting with hotspots or if the 360 image is driving calls or visits to your website. You can find the Hotspot Report in the Reporting section of the Dashboard. […]

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