New Lower Pricing, Unlimited Uploads, Role-Based Access and Much More 5 months ago

We are proud to announce that the latest version of SeekBeak is now live, and features some of our biggest updates yet. Over the last few months we’ve been hard at work, developing and evolving SeekBeak into a platform that truly allows 360 photographers to grow their businesses in new and exciting ways. We worked closely with some of our most passionate users to create a secure and user-friendly system that makes it easy to manage a complex 360 photo business. In addition, we’ve removed some of our previous restrictions, like upload limits, so that your business can grow quickly without big cost increases.

Read on to learn about all the new things SeekBeak has to offer. If you’d like to share your thoughts on the new pricing, features, or make a suggestion, please take our 1-minute survey!

Lowered Account Pricing

New and long-time users alike will love this update. We’ve dramatically simplified and lowered our prices for all plans! There are now 3 plans to choose from: Free, Pro, and Enterprise. Free is designed for users to try out the system and use it on a small scale. Pro is for the majority of users who require a wide range of customization features and expanded 360 photo hosting capabilities. Enterprise is designed for advanced users who need hefty team and account management features and need to juggle multiple-accounts, clients, contractors, or teams.

For a full break-down of each plan’s features, click here. 

Attention Current SeekBeak Users. If you want to take advantage of the new pricing and account features, head to the billing section of your account and select one of the new plans!

Unlimited Snaps / 360 Photo Uploads

You heard us! We’ve removed our account upload limits for Pro and Enterprise users! Paid users won’t have to worry about managing their account limits again. Pro Accounts can upload an unlimited amount of photos to their account, but are limited to 200 uploads a month. For power users, please try our Enterprise plan which has no monthly limits.

Account Add-Ons

Add-ons are special features that not all users will need, but can greatly expand the potential of what you can do with your account. Add-ons include:

  • Add A Team Member – add more users to your Pro or Enterprise account.
  • Custom Domain Name – Use your own domain rather than to display your photos.
  • Add A Sub Team – Enterprise Plans can split their accounts into multiple teams. You can manage multiple teams, each with their own users, permissions, content, branding, but all controlled by your enterprise account. For more info, read about Sub-teams here.
  • White Label Team Package – Strip any mention of SeekBeak from your account! This includes branded emails for users, generic knowledge base, website code, and of course all branding. Perfect for users who are interested in reselling.


Introducing: Role-Based Access & Layered Teams

Role-based access means that you can invite people to your account, but control what level of control and access they have. For example, you could invite a customer to join your team and assign them to “View-Only” which means they’ll only be able to view Snaps, Reports, and Groups, but not change them. This feature is great for teams that have a variety of role requirements. Clients could be invited to proof any content, make small edits, but not delete content.

To read the full article on user-roles, click here

Sub Teams allow for enterprise users to split their account into multiple sub-teams, all with the same benefits of an enterprise plan, but with their own unique content, users, and options.  Teams are a powerful way to define their companies organizational structure, organize groups of users, clients, or projects within SeekBeak. Enterprise plans come with 3 sub-teams included, with the ability to add more using the Sub Team add-on screen in their account settings.

To read the full article on teams and layered access, click here.


In addition to all these new features, we’ve greatly increased our server speeds so your account and images will load quicker than ever. You can try out our Pro or Enterprise plan for free with our 14-Day free trial. Just click the image below to sign-up today. If you’d like to let us know what you think of these changes, please fill out our 1-minute survey.


Tim Allan

CEO & Founder of SeekBeak

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