Building Customer Confidence Through 360 Degree Retail Solutions 2 years ago

More Customers Please!

Customers are online; they’re browsing, purchasing and comparing businesses.  So how do you stand out from your competitors and offer your customers enhanced engagement and build customer confidence in your business?

One way is to offer your customers a 360-degree retail solution, such as a virtual tour.  Using SeekBeak you can brand your interactive tour with your company logo, brand colors etc. and fully embed the tour within your website and social media channels.

Easily add  information about your products and your business services to all your images simultaneously using the Group Info Panel. Add video, and 360º spatial audio narration / music, and then dynamically generate product image/description popups using existing data from your preferred e-commerce solution: Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc. by using the e-commerce Hotspot!

Embed Icon Location

Embedding and Sharing Options

What Customers Want

Customers are being driven by round the clock accessibility, content, and fast turnaround. Is your business aligned with their desires and habits?

Here are some reasons you should be using more online retail tools such a a 360-degree SeekBeak virtual tour to build customer confidence:

Choosing the right restaurant, café, hotel, or comparing and purchasing products is tough and competitive. The onlinecustomer experience needs to be exceptional and rewarding.

You can build trust with a high-quality virtual interactive tour that lets people experience your location, product or service.  These immersive, virtual experiences inspire greater confidence and create meaningful experiences for your customers online.

Easy Does It

SeekBeak was built to be extremely user friendly – you don’t have to be an IT professional to use it, and you can use your mobile, tablet, or computer to manage your tours from anywhere. Once your tour is up and going, you can easily track and quantify your success, as SeekBeak has some of the best reporting and analytics features of any 360º platform out there.

To learn more about how you can build customer confidence by offering 360-degree interactive tours: sign up for our Mailing List on the right, check out our informative Blog posts, or try it yourself by signing up for a free subscription today!

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