Virtual Trade Shows

Why go virtual?

Many companies rely on trade shows to launch new products and showcase their services to their industry markets. Since in-person trade shows aren’t possible due to Covid19, many business are taking this opportunity to investigate the potential of virtual trade shows, open houses, conferences and expos.

SeekBeak is the perfect platform to host your virtual experience

Using SeekBeak you can capture registrations, feature interactive content, include live presentations, link to e-commerce, embed feedback forms, survey participants with polls, embed third part chat solutions, use our virtual tour guide, integrate maps and floorplans and so much more!

Measure event success with in-depth analytics

SeekBeak has the best reporting and analytics features of any 360 platform.  Measure how long people engaged with information, touch points and products. Track attendance trends and engagement patterns for your event. Report on what product was viewed or purchased the most, what virtual booth did your participants visit the most, what hotpspots generated the most engagement etc.  Easily email custom reports to your team.

The Hotspot Click report tells you how many clicks each of your hotspots have received.

Heatmap reports are a very unique feature of SeekBeak. We’re the only platform that allows you to see where exactly your audience viewed in the 360 photo. You’ll be able to spot particular points of interest to users, and where they lingered.


Check out our reporting features:

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