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How to Upload a 360 Photo to SeekBeak

Uploading a 360 Photo is easy in SeekBeak. Once you’ve logged in, click the “Plus” icon in the top right of the Snaps screen.   You can drag and drop a file or use our file browser to find it on your computer. Make sure your image is …

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How do I Embed My 360 Image in a Website?

Embedding your 360 Photo in a website is very easy thanks to Seekbeak’s handy embed code. Click the share button at the bottom of the Snap, choose the “link” icon, and this window will open with the embed code window. You can now embed your Snap anywhere else …

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Spatial Audio in Virtual Tours and 360 photos

Hi SeekBeakers, We’ve just rolled over another new feature for all tiers, previously mainly seen in Flash-based virtual tour plugins: Spatial Audio via Head Related Transfer Functions! * crickets * In layman’s terms: You now have the option to use an Audio Hotspot as a speaker. Moving “away” …

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