Unlock a World of Creativity

Below you’ll find examples of real-life uses of SeekBeak from people all over the world. Our users have created virtual tours, 360° infographics, training material, school tours, store guides, real estate walkthroughs, narrated images, and many more creative ideas.

Ways to Use SeekBeak

Create Virtual House Tours and More

Create 360° tours of houses and spaces quickly and easily without needing complicated image hosting or a technical background. Adding interactive information to each image is as easy as a few clicks.

Images are kept private so your virtual tours and 360° images will only be seen by those you give the link to or those that visit the page you’ve embedded them in.

Create Interactive Teaching Tools or Show off Your School

Teachers can use SeekBeak as an in-class teaching tool that allows them to easily leverage 360° photography for projects, demonstrations, or conveying information. Administrators can create tours of the campus alongside key program information, narration, and media from the school.

Current users include music schools, universities, teaching hospitals, museums, art galleries, and more.

Take Your Infographics into 360

Some of our users have created interactive infographics that allow both photography and graphic design to make use of the 360° interactive environments. If you’re looking to make an impact, try creating a 360 infographic!

Uses include: conference overviews, sales graphics, company walk-throughs, and more.

Use eCommerce Hotspots to Sell Directly to Customers

SeekBeak is the only platform that will grab information from your online store, including price, thumbnails, and product descriptions, embedding it within your 360° image. Easily use this feature to create online catalogs of in-store products.

Tell Interactive Stories Easily

Thanks to our easy-to-use interface, you can easily use SeekBeak to create interactive stories, 360° photo essays, narrative-driven journeys, or photo recreations of real-life places and events. With a little creativity, you can explore what 360° story telling can be!

Creativity is the Limit

Your business and goals are unique. SeekBeak is a toolbox, offering you the ability to create your unique vision. The examples we’ve given are just that start of what’s possible. We love seeing our users use the platform in ways we never thought possible, and we encourage you to share the results of your work with us!

Contact us at any time with any questions, examples, or feature ideas you may have.

Domingos Studios Digitally Recreates Old Reality

Working with the Museum of Liverpool, Domingos Studios has digitally recreated the old ‘slum’ houses in Liverpool U.K.

By exporting images created in Blender, (3D modelling software), directly into SeekBeak, you’re teleported back to the 1900’s, complete with embedded 3D models, sounds, videos and documentation.

Hear the crackling of the fireplace behind you, or the narrator right in front of you thanks to our spatial audio Hotspot, adding an extra layer of realism and interaction.

Liverpool Court HousingSnap Content

Remote Sales & Lead Generation

What if you could have your Business or Store open 24/7?

Mad Van Antiques, an underground antiques showroom, usually only available by appointment, is now open for business every day of the week! Using our Polygon Hotspots to mark areas of interest, you can learn, see, and buy almost everything in their virtual online showroom.

Contact details are also included in the experience, complete with hyperlinked phone number and email address for instant ‘real’ contact.

Fun fact: This experience was shot with an iPhone, and stitched offline into a panorama, the creator used SeekBeaks pitch limiting functions to make sure that nobody can see the blank space left on the top and bottom of the panorama!

Mad Van Antiques Interactive ShopSeekBeak Snap

World Vision tells an important story

Six kilometers is the average distance people in developing countries walk to access water. To demonstrate this journey, World Vision used SeekBeak to chart the journey of a young girl to gather water for their family.

Cheru's homeSeekBeak Snap

Unlocking The Power of 360 VR Infographics

What if you could design inside the 360° space as well as interact with it? That’s what SeekBeak user Tosolini Productions did with their series of 360° infographics.

To see more 3D infographics, head to the Tosolini website.

360 Data-Driven FarmingSeekBeak Snap

Tour A Baseball Stadium

Allison Borngesser asked the question: what will the marketing landscape look like for companies and organizations as Virtual Reality becomes more commonplace? To answer it, she created a virtual tour that integrates infographic elements and interactive hotspots.

Read the entire case study here.

Safeco Field 360 TourSeekBeak Snap

Go Viral With a Haunted Building Tour

How do you show off a dangerous and closed military base off to hundreds of thousands of people? You create a virtual tour with SeekBeak! This creepy tour of an old missile base went viral on Reddit when it was created.

Check out Be More Colourful’s website for more great images

Interior of the Limited Area Sentry Station (LASS)SeekBeak Snap