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SeekBeak allows you to create interactive 360° / panoramic images and virtual tours with your mobile device or desktop computer. Embed a wide range of content into your images, track success with in-depth analytics, collaborate with team members and much more, all without leaving your web browser.
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Take Control of Your 360° and Panoramic Images

Our handy explainer video, complete with acoustic guitar and chipper male narration, will introduce you to the many ways you can use SeekBeak to connect with your audience and take control of your 360° images.

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Brand 360° images with your logo, colours, and company info

Create 360° brand experiences

Remove SeekBeak branding and replace it with your own for a custom branding experience. Embed your 360° images in your website or private client pages.

Check out all the branding options.

Create virtual tours in minutes

Link multiple images, add floor plans and more

Showcase your business, house, education facility or anything you can think of with our easy-to-make interactive virtual tours. Simply link your 360° images together to create a tour. Add maps or floor plans to make it even easier to navigate.

Custom Branded 360 Virtual Tours

Understand your audience via analytics & heatmaps

Custom reporting for your virtual tours and 360° images

Find out what customer are focusing on using our heatmap technology and in depth audience analytics. Premium users can use their existing Google Analytics account to integrate SeekBeak data for robust tracking options.

Sell merchandise quickly with eCommerce embeds

Monetize your 360° images

Run an online store? Apply our eCommerce embeds to your 360° store tour and sell products directly. Our system will automatically pull the price, image, and title of your product.

360 photo ecommerce

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Easily Add Media, Links, Video and More to your 360° and Panoramic Images

Almost everything starts with the Navbar. Open and close the Navbar with the arrow icon. The Navbar is always located at the bottom of your Snap

Show navigation on your 360 images

Toggle between Edit and View Modes by clicking the lock icon in the Navbar. Viewed simulates what your users will see.

Create and edit interactive 360 tours

In Edit mode, click the Add Icon. Then click anywhere in your Snap to add the Hotspot. 

Interactive Images and Hot spots on 360 photos

Enter Edit mode and click on the Hotspot. Change the title, type, icon, colors, and actions. All Hotspot options are available in an easy to use slide-out menu.

Edit Images and Hot spots on 360 photos

Save your changes by clicking this icon in the Navbar. You can also cancel your changes by clicking the cancel icon. That’s it! Your Snap is live on the Internet ready to be shared and viewed.

Save Hotspot Interactive Image

Mobile / VR Ready

Our platform was built for mobile phones and Virtual Reality. Swipe, pinch and drag with your fingers, or use a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other compatible Head Mounted Display and let your head do the moving.

One with the Cloud

Everything you’ll need to create, edit, and share your SeekBeak Snap is delivered quickly via any modern web browser. There’s no software to install, back up, or keep updated. No website to maintain, no hosting to set up.

Custom Image Privacy

We don’t force you to submit your Snaps to any online listings or directories. We leave that up to you. Your Snaps are private unless you publish your custom URL.

Social Sharing Ready

Each Snap allows viewers to share it via their social networks or over email. SeekBeak provides dynamic thumbnail and content generation for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter!