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SeekBeak has the best reporting and analytics features of any 360 platform. Take control of your data and provide your clients with deep insight into their 360 photos and virtual tours.

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Better Data, Happier Clients

SeekBeak offers you deep and detailed reporting options for your 360 photos. In today’s data-driven world, understanding what’s working and what isn’t is vital for success. Our reporting suite helps you understand which 360 photos are engaging your users, what hotspots and promoting interaction, and how much traffic your shots are receiving.

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Discover What Users Are Interacting With

Want to know which links are getting clicked, which photos are popular, and what information is most interesting to users? Our interaction reports show where users are engaging.

Use Heat Maps to Discover User Focus

See what exactly your audience viewed in your 360 photo. You’ll be able to spot particular points of interest to users, and where they lingered. Use the “gear” icon in the top left to control the size of the hotspots. For more information on Heatmaps, click here.

Link With Google Analytics

Want to view your 360 traffic within Google Analytics? You can connect your entire account or specific photos.

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