Tour Guide - Beta

Tour Guide allows you to invite one or more viewers to your Snaps, where everyone can see, hear, and chat with each other… in real time.

SeekBeak Tour Guide is available to try now in Beta! What does Beta mean? It means that things like pricing, features, and stability related to Tour Guide are all up in the air currently. We’re having a public beta to get a better idea of usage, to gather feedback, and to find and squash any bugs. Plans vary on their allotted amount of time per session, see the Feature Grid for details.

Please Contact Us if you have any comments, find a bug etc.

Be Their Guide

When you move your 360, their 360 moves. When you click a Hotspot, their Hotspot clicks. Say goodbye to “Now what are you looking at?”

Nobody knows your content better than you. Show off your content to your clients, students, potential customers, employees, teammates and more. Tailor each tour your own unique way.

Three Ways To Join The Tour

Join using a browser on a device equipped with a camera and microphone, to let everyone see and hear you. Don’t worry, we include buttons to allow you to stop your video and/or audio at any time.

Don’t have a camera, or can’t find a clean shirt? No problem, easily join with just audio… like the good ‘ol days.

Just here to observe,  found yourself in an area with poor signal strength, or inside a location with an overzealous network firewall? You’re covered too with the Chat Only option. You can still host and view, even without the audio/video components.

Pixel Perfect Quality

Tour Guide doesn’t capture and stream video of your screen like other software, so there’s no compression, artifacts, or screen size issues when people are being shown your content. What they see on their screen is exactly what they’d see when normally viewing your Content.

For example, if you open a Hotspot on your Desktop, and they’re viewing on a phone, their content will size to their screen, and yours will size to your screen. Magic.

No Software To Install.

Just like the rest of the SeekBeak platform, all you need to Host, or View, is a web browser. Desktop, mobile, tablet, iOS, Android, PC, Mac… you get the idea.

The Host with the Most

Someone else on your Team have a bit more experience with a certain subject? Need your top sales person to swoop in and seal the deal?

Easily hand over the controls, and let someone else do the Hosting at any point, without having to awkwardly start a new session.

Keeping It Simple, Seriously

One click is all it takes! Well, maybe two.

When editing your Snap, click the new Tour Guide icon in the Share menu, and send your unique link via iMessage, Email, SMS, Slack, or whatever your chat tool of choice is. That’s it.

People click the link they receive, and join automatically.