Our Story.

In 2014, SeekBeak started out like a lot of great things do: as a solution to a problem.

When we wanted to show off a Photo Sphere, Panoramic, or 360° photo to our friends or clients, there weren’t many options available, unless we hosted it ourselves. If we wanted to add extra media or information, things got even uglier.

The existing solutions were cumbersome to say the least, especially if we wanted to add extra content, or any sort of interactivity to our photo. Some solutions required us to have our own web hosting, to download and install software, run certain versions of operating systems, and some even had their own programming and scripting languages to learn!

We firmly believed that there should be a faster and easier way to share your panoramic and 360° photos with anyone in the world, with full interactive content, by simply using any modern desktop or mobile web browser. SeekBeak is that result.

With our cloud based SeekBeak hosting platform, you can easily create the best Virtual Experiences, Tours, Panoramic Walkthroughs, plus publish interactive flat images and photo spheres, all without leaving your browser.

Have a website already? Seamlessly embed any SeekBeak content into your own site in seconds, with your own branding,  company colors, everything!

There are no apps or plugins for you or your viewers to install, download, or maintain. We use only the finest custom HTML, JavaScript, WebXR and WebGL delivered via the browser!

Your viewers can decide how they want to view your 360 and flat image experience, panorama or virtual tour. There’s the “normal” mode, a stereo/split screen Virtual Reality mode for phone based headsets, plus a WebXR Immersive Mode for standalone VR HMDs (Head Mounted Display) headsets.