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SeekBeak has the best reporting and analytics features of any 360 platform. Take control of your data and provide your clients with deep insight into their 360 photos and virtual tours.

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Enhance Client Satisfaction with Superior 360 Photo Data Insights

Unlock comprehensive reporting for your 360 photos with SeekBeak. In today’s data-centric landscape, knowing what resonates is key to success. Our suite reveals engaging photos, hotspots, and user interaction, providing insights to optimize your content strategy.

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Uncover User Engagement 

Discover what’s trending and what captures user interest through our interaction reports. Gain insights into popular links, engaging photos, and user preferences.

Discover User Focus with Heat Maps

See what exactly your audience viewed in your 360 photo. You’ll be able to spot particular points of interest to users, and where they lingered. Use the “gear” icon in the top left to control the size of the hotspots. For more information on Heatmaps, click here.

Link With Google Analytics

Want to view your 360 traffic within Google Analytics? You can connect your entire account or specific photos.

Learn how to link your accounts here.

Scheduled Summary Email Reports

Keep your Team informed automatically!

Define your reporting frequency, recipients, send days/times, and have SeekBeak send a branded email, with an indexed PDF report attachment, to your Team Members.

  • Automated daily, weekly, monthly, and/or quarterly updates.
  • See your main statistics at a glance, including Snap Views and Active Duration.
  • Customize the subject line, and include helpful comments/notes/links with a custom message per email.
  • Optionally include multiple Groups/Tours to show an overall summary page, with individual breakdowns on following pages.

Enhance Your Strategy with UTM Campaign Tracking

Get precise, granular tracking of a single image, group, or an account wide campaign, using our comprehensive UTM tracking and filtering. Generate otherwise complex tracking links using our UTM Link Builder Module!

All applicable reports can be filtered by UTM code, allowing for things such as:

  • A/B testing to determine which groups of people are more deeply engaged with your content.
  • Tracking inbound links across Social Media, Ad Networks, Guest Posts, QR Codes, Forum Posts, In App links etc.
  • Send targeted content and track viewer engagement with detailed insights. Identify who viewed specific Snaps, duration of view, and heatmap analysis to understand user focus.

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