Powerful, User-Friendly Features For Creating Interactive Images

SeekBeak is designed to be a powerful, easy-to-use, mobile friendly, way of creating interactive 360 images and virtual tours.  You’ll be able to do things that no other 360 image app can do. 

Made for Mobile

100% Browser Based
No websites to manage, no hosting to configure, no software or scripts to install, no patches, no updates, no plugins, no hassle!

Full Editing Suite… On your Phone or Tablet.
Add new content, update a clients info, move some Hotspots, or change a contact email address? You can do everything on your mobile device.

Cross Browser Viewer
Our SeekBeak Viewer works across all popular current desktop and mobile browsers, all at a silky 60fps. Your users will experience effortless inertia based panning and zooming, using touch gestures or a mouse. Your users can navigate around the image by physically moving their phone around, like looking through a virtual window.

SeekBeak 360 photo Mobile Editor

Private and Customizable

Custom Branding
Use your company logo as a watermark in your Snaps. Customize the Logo URL, title, position and size at any time. You can also use your own custom Google Analytics Tracking ID per Snap.

Custom Hotspot Icons & Colors
SeekBeak has dozens of stock vector icons for your Hotspots, and we allow uploading of your own custom static, or animated, .svg format icons! We also allow you to configure the color and opacity of the text, background, and icon of every hotspot.

Embed Anywhere
Using our handy embed codes, you can embed your photos and tours anywhere on your website

Maps & Floor Plans
Upload an image and create a 2D map, or multiple layers of maps, for floor plans, overlays, arial overviews etc. using our ridiculously easy Map Editor. Easily add navigation Hotspots and let your viewers smoothly navigate their way around!

Manage your Privacy, Teams, and Workflow

Private or Public Images
We don’t force you to submit your Snaps to any online directories. Your Snaps are private unless you publish your custom URL.

Batch Uploading
Upload and manage multiple images and audio files with ease.

Team-Based Accounts
Running a creative team, agency, school, or company? Easily create White Labelled Teams, each with different branding, and manage everything from a single login. Each Team is a separate entity, including all content, subscription details, and invoicing. Team invoices come directly to you, your Team members never see any billing information.

The SeekBeak Hotspots

The Hotspots in SeekBeak allow you to add multimedia content and metadata, bringing your 360° images and 360° virtual tours to life. Hotspots enable your users and clients to discover content that goes way beyond a simple still image.

The SeekBeak Hotspots are rendered using vectors, so they’re always crisp and readable at any zoom level, on any device. The color and opacity of the text, background, and icon of every Hotspot is customizable, and can be animated using our built in Animation Suite.


Does your picture need to say more than a thousand words? Easily add your text by using the Rich Text content hotspot! Change colors, fonts, sizing and more. Plus: SeekBeak automatically parse your content and create clickable web and email address links.

Virtual Tours

Create your own Virtual Tours! Need to warp your user to a new room in a house, another section of a store? The SeekBeak Snap Hotspot allows you to create linked scenes, allowing you to send them to any of your other Snaps.

Hotspot Library

The Library isn’t exactly a Hotspot, more like a close cousin.

Spent a lot of time developing the perfect animated Hotspot using your brand colors? Simply save that Hotspot to your Hotspot Library, and load it back into any Snap whenever you need it.

Embed Links

Need to link to a Facebook profile, product page, or a certain blog post? Want to create a 360° menu or catalogue for your website or store? The URL Hotspot is your ticket to any web URL.


Upload any image to be shown when your user interacts with the Image Hotspot. Images are resized dynamically based on the viewers device.


Itching to get some feedback on a product, or to take orders or reservations via email? The Email Hotspot will open up the users email client with your custom email address pre-populated


Getting people to call you has never been easier. When clicked or tapped, the Phone Hotspot will automatically call your custom phone number. If the SeekBeak Snap is being viewed on a desktop, the Hotspot will use any software available to call (i.e. FaceTime, Skype etc…)

eCommerce / Buy Now

Enter a link from an online product page, and watch SeekBeak magically create a “Buy Now” hotspot for your product with product details and images automatically populated. No syncing databases or re-entering data. Seamless integration with Shopify, ebay, Amazon, Etsy, and more!

Broadcast Signal

The Internet of Things (IoT) is at your fingertips! Control API managed smart devices including: lighting, thermostats, home automation, external software or hardware… almost anything that can be controlled from a secure HTTPS API.
Easily add custom headers for OAuth, Basic Authentication etc, and send your data in JSON or form-url encoded formats.

Lens Flare

Brighten up your image by adding realistic dynamic lens flares on light sources. Fully configurable, you can go from realistic suns to glowing green zombie eyes in seconds.

3D Spatial Audio

Add annotations, background sound FX, a narrated walkthrough, promotional overdub, music clips, or any other MP3 files. Both HRTF based Spatial Audio for Virtual Reality, and normal stereo modes supported.
No audio recorder? No problem, SeekBeak has a built in MP3 recorder that records from your computers microphone via Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Edge browsers.

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But Wait, There's More!

Dynamic Nadir & Zenith Covers
Gone are your days of manually patching the bottom of your images to crop out your tripod or giant thumb. Simply upload a patch JPG or PNG, and SeekBeak will non-destructivly patch your main image. SeekBeak will even dynamically rotate your patch to always face the viewer, so they can always read any important text right side up, no matter which way they’re viewing.

Partial / Limited Panorama Support
Have a cropped or partial panorama, or a camera which doesn’t include the very top or bottom of an image? SeekBeak will automatically detect any limited views and fill the remainder of the image in black, maintaining a proper aspect ratio.

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Social Media Integration
Users can share each Snap via their social networks or over email. SeekBeak provides dynamic thumbnail and content generation for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Virtual Reality & Head Mounted Displays
We support stereo viewing and works our system works great with Google Cardboard, or any other mobile-based Head Mounted Display. You’ll have automatic Gaze Based hotspot activation and virtual tour navigation in VR.

Configurable Tours and Images via URL
Reuse the same Snap or Tour for various purposes, without duplicating it! MLS for example, doesn’t allow Real Estate company branding on images. Using our simple URL customizer, the tour show on the MLS website won’t show any of your branding, but the exact same tour will display your custom branding on all other sites and social networks.