SeekBeak's Full Feature List

Individual Business Enterprise
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Free Trial (days) 14 14 Custom
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Base Features
Snaps Per Account Unlimited* Unlimited Unlimited
Maximum Image Size 100 MB 100 MB 100 MB
Full Web based Editor Access
Form Designer Access
Unique, sharable URL per Image
Included Team Members 1 3 Custom
Create Sub-Teams / Define Org Structure    
(25 max)
Reselling Ability  
Role Based Team Access  
Allows Custom Domain Add-On
Allows Forms Add-On
Two Factor Account Authentication  
Move Groups of Content Between Teams / Sub-Teams    
Support Level Email Priority Email Dedicated Support
All Available Add-Ons Custom Domain, White Label, Forms Team Members, Custom Domain, White Label, Forms, Google Street View Team Members, Custom Domain, White Label, Forms, Google Street View, Sub Teams
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Embed And View
Embed in Websites
Share via URL, Social Media, Instant Messaging, QR Code, and more
Enable / Disable features via URL parameters (Perfect for MLS Compliance)
Snap / Tour Security Unlisted Unlisted, Password, Domain Protection Unlisted, Password, Domain Protection
2D Navigational Map / Floorplan Support 3 Per Group 5 Per Group Custom
Split Screen Cardboard VR / WebXR Viewers
Image Smoothing (Optional Moire / Pattern Distortion Reduction)
Text Based ADA / WCAG Compliant Viewer  
Replace Image  
Duplicate Group / Tour  
Dynamic Branded Social Media Thumbnails
Download Full Size Image
Export 2D HD Screen Shots
Google Maps Integration with Geo Tagging Support  
Thumbnail, Hotspot and Text based Tour Navigation Options
Embed Matterport in SeekBeak / SeekBeak in Matterport
Group wide Custom JavaScript / HTML / Widget Integration  
Custom JavaScript / HTML Embedding in Hotspots  
iFrame Hotspot Click API  
Content Access from Allowed Domains / Referrers only (Paywalls, Monetization, Secure Embedding)     25 Domains
Cookie Consent Manager   + Custom Legal Text
Custom Overlays
Overlays / UI Designer (5) (20) (Custom)
Layered Actions
Layered Animations
Customize Overlay Per Snap  
Bonus Overlay Actions     Custom JavaScript
Customize And Design
2D / 3D Point & Polygon Hotspot Types Standard All All
Polygon Hotspot Background Color / Image Color / Image / Video Color / Image / Video / Chroma & Green Screen Video
Custom Branding Colors
SeekBeak Logo    
Custom Branding / Logos
Custom Transition Designer  
Create Non Destructive, Auto Rotating, and Clickable Nadir & Zenith Patches
Custom Icon Uploads & Library (Per Team/Sub-Team) (30) (150) (250)
E-commerce Hotspot - Integration with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, etc.  
Signal API / IOT Hotspot
File Attachments (per Snap) 10 20 50
File Attachment Size (Each) 2 MB 5 MB 10 MB
Forms / Data Capture (Without Form Add-On)
Email Notification on Form Submission    
Weighted Responses (Quizzes, Grading, LMS Import)    
Custom Forms 1 1 1
Fields per Form 3 3 3
Forms / Data Capture (With Form Add-On)
Email Notification on Form Submission  
Weighted Responses (Quizzes, Grading, LMS Import)  
Custom Forms 250 250 250
Fields per Form 50 50 50
Tour Guide
Who can start Tour Guide Sessions You All Team Members All Team Members
Maximum Tour Session Length 5 Minutes 10 Minutes 15 Minutes
Maximum Participants 3 3 3
Tour Guide - (With Tour Guide Add-On)
Maximum Tour Session Length N/A 90 Minutes 4 Hours
Maximum Participants N/A Unlimited Unlimited
Track, Report, Integrate
Report by: Snap / Group Snap / Group / Account Snap / Group / Account / UTM Codes
Snap View Report
Hotspot Click Report
Active View Duration Report  
Group Summary Report (Scheduled Email Delivery)   5 concurrent 10 concurrent
Browser / Device / Geographical Report
Social Sharing Report
Snap List Report
Team Member Activity Audit Report  
Heatmap Report    
Reporting Data Retention 1 Month 3 Months 6 Months
Export Reporting Data to CSV / Excel  
Google Analytics Integration    
UTM Link/Campaign Tracking & UTM Link Builder    
UTM Filtering on all Reports    
Bulk Reporting Data Export    
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