Introducing: Custom Domain / Subdomain Hosting For Your 360 Photos 1 year ago

SeekBeak is excited to announce we now offer the ability to use custom domain names or subdomains for your 360 photos.  Now you have the option for users to see your domain name, rather than, when they access your 360 photos and tours.

This is perfect for those who want to take full control of their user’s experience and provide a white-label solution to their clients. For example, you could set your photos up on the domain name and users will never know that you are using SeekBeak’s back-end system to manage the photos and tours.

Some plans include one free Custom Domain name, and other plans can use it as an optional Add-On. Access the Add-Ons from your account settings from within your dashboard.

#Protip: Teams can have multiple Custom Domains Add-Ons. You could have different Domains for different purposes showing the same (or different) content.

If you are subscribed to a plan which includes the Custom Domain Add-On, or have purchased a Custom Domain Add-On, simply follow the guide below on how you can set up your custom domain name today! 

How To Set Up a Custom Domain Name

Step 1: Create a CNAME Record for SeekBeak

In order to use a custom domain name with SeekBeak, you have to already own the domain name you would like to use and have access to the DNS records for it. You can access DNS records by logging into your domain provider.

First, you’ll need to create a CNAME record in your DNS settings, which basically points your URL to SeekBeak.

Your CNAME record needs to point to

The screenshot below shows how you would set this up using Cloudflare. Most hosting providers will offer help on how to set this up on their systems. 

Most domain providers have a guide for adding a CNAME to help walk you through the process. Here are the guides for a few of the major providers.


SeekBeak will verify that your domain is set up correctly, before it allows you to add the Custom Domain, however, there’s a free tool which you can use as well to see if things are set up correctly.

Correct setup shown via MX Toolbox



Step 2: Register Your Domain in SeekBeak

Once your CNAME is set up and active, you can add it to your SeekBeak account via the Team Settings -> White Label tab. Enter your new domain name and click “Create Domain”. SeekBeak will verify that your CNAME is setup correctly. Remember to leave enough time for your CNAME changes to propagate across the internet, DNS changes can sometimes take up to a day to take effect!

Step 3: Wait for SSL Verification 
Once your Custom Domain has been validated, it may take another day or two for the SSL certificates to be installed by our crack team of security experts. Once your SSL certificates are installed, and the CNAME is good to go, the “Active” light will turn green, and you’ll be able to use your own Custom Domain instead of


And that’s it! We’ve tried to make it as easy as possible for you to hook up your own custom domains. Please contact us if you have any questions.
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Is it possible to have a sub domain point to Seekbeak? i.e have my main website at “” and point “” to Seekbeak..

Tim Allan

Absolutely, that’s exactly what our custom domain features offers!


Does this custom-domain feature shows shows my own domain url on the browser itself, not masking it?

Tim Allan

Yep, that’s exactly what it does, show your own domain name instead of ours.

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