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How to host virtual trade shows 4 months ago

The pandemic has accelerated the adoption of digital technologies faster than we could have imagined. Transformations that might have taken years have happened in months. As futurist Ben Pring, co-founder of Cognizant’s Center for the Future of Work, said recently, “COVID-19 is quickly making the future the present.’’ …

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Scheduled Appointments with Tour Guide 4 months ago

Tour Guide Links Tour Guide is one of our most popular features! Now with this update, you can create predefined Tour Guide links for your remote tours/classes/sessions via your new “Tour Guide Links” area. Once you create your Tour Guide link you are able to: Have a waiting …

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Keyboard Navigation 7 months ago

Keyboard Navigation Accessibility is an integral component to the SeekBeak platform. We have worked tirelessly to ensure our platform performs well across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. We were one of the first platforms to ensure compatibility with webXR, paving the way for accessibility through VR headsets. Over …

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What's the point? 11 months ago

The Point Is… …what we’re having to call our ‘old’ Hotspots now, as we’re officially launching our new Polygon Hotspot! We now have “Point” and “Polygon” Hotspot options available when you click the “Add” button. (Yes, we do also have Quick Jump, but it’s simply a Point Hotspot …

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