Guided Tutorials

We’re A Learning Computer

Most of you are experts already, but we’ve been expanding our on-boarding processes, and have introduced a whole new area of the site containing Interactive, Guided Tutorials. You’ll find a new menu item in the main drop down that’ll take you there.

As this is version one, most of the current content is geared towards brand new folks, to get them up to speed when just starting with the platform. We’ll be expanding it to allow for self guided tutorials of all sorts of features in the future.

If there’s a tutorial you’d like to see in there, please let us know via the contact areas on the website!

Come join the conversation at our Facebook Group. There’s great people to meet, and great questions and content being posted all the time:

Finally, a lot of our new features come from comments and suggestions from people just like you. If you’ve got anything you want to get off your chest, get a hold of us via the Social Media or reply to this email, or hit us up directly on the website!

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