Category: Features

Team Members and Role-Based Access 3 months ago

In Seekbeak, you have the option to invite colleagues, collaborators, and clients to your account to share, contribute, or review your work. You can determine how much access a team member has by assigning them a role. Pro Account Members only have access to Admin and View-Only Roles. …

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Introducing: SeekBeak Enterprise! 6 months ago

After many months of development, we are proud to announce SeekBeak Enterprise: a white-label platform for interactive 360 photo hosting and virtual tour creation. With no complicated setup, hosting requirements, or installation required, SeekBeak Enterprise is the perfect solution for those who want to take complete control of …

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Introducing: Lens Flares for your 360 photos 10 months ago

Hi All, The last update from me was ‘interesting’, regarding the server increases and whatnot, but it really wasn’t that flashy. Well, now we’re announcing something that can’t get much flashier: The Lens Flare Hotspot gives you the ability to add all sorts of flares to your Snaps, which brings a …

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