Category: Features

Team Members and Role-Based Access

In SeekBeak, you have the option to invite colleagues, collaborators, and clients to your account to share, contribute, or review your work. You can determine how much access a team member has by assigning them a role. Subscription Plans have varying levels of access to Roles. Check out …

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Introducing: SeekBeak Enterprise!

After many months of development, we are proud to announce SeekBeak Enterprise: the best business platform for interactive 360 photo hosting and virtual tour/experience creation. With no complicated setup, hosting requirements, or installation required, SeekBeak Enterprise is the perfect solution for those who want to take complete control …

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What interactive elements can you add to your 360 photo?

The Hotspots in SeekBeak allow you to add multimedia content and metadata, bringing your 360° images and 360° virtual tours to life. Hotspots enable your users and clients to discover content that goes way beyond a simple still image. The SeekBeak Hotspots are rendered using resolution-independent vectors, so …

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