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New Features for a New Age! 9 months ago

It’s been crazy here at SeekBeak HQ over the past while. Everyone seems to be wanting to bring the real world into something a bit more virtual. Trade shows, expositions, retail experiences, Town Hall meetings, you name it. We’ve been focused on features which will help out this …

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What's the point? 11 months ago

The Point Is… …what we’re having to call our ‘old’ Hotspots now, as we’re officially launching our new Polygon Hotspot! We now have “Point” and “Polygon” Hotspot options available when you click the “Add” button. (Yes, we do also have Quick Jump, but it’s simply a Point Hotspot …

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VR is Dead... Long Live XR! 1 year ago

As they say in Australia, it’s hard yakka keeping up with all this new fangled tech. Recently,  Google removed WebVR support from their Chrome browser, causing all sorts of headaches for people using Web based VR. WebXR is the successor to WebVR, which SeekBeak now fully supports. What …

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Image Gallery Updates 2 years ago

The Image Hotspot is growing up. It looks like everyone is now back at it again for the new year, so what better time to let you all know about some great new Image Hotspot features which have now been officially released! You know the Image Hotspot already, …

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