Audio Embedding in Rich Text and Background Audio Muting

We’ve updated the Hotspot Rich Text Editor to now support Audio file embedding. To keep things easy for everyone, we’ve kept the same process the same as image embedding:
Clicking the new speaker icon button allows you to select an already existing audio file, upload a new one, or even play one from an external URL. Uploading a new file will save it in the Snap Files area.
“But Tim”, you say. “I have loud background audio clips of Mongolian throat singers playing in my Snap already, and it’s hard for clients to hear the embedded ASMR audio clip of me scraping the strings on a Lute”. Don’t worry, because SeekBeak now also has…

Background Audio Muting

We’ve also added a new property for all Hotspots. In the “More” menu, you’ll now find a toggle to “Mute Background Audio” when the Hotspot is clicked.

When toggled, clicking on your Hotspot will mute any background audio currently playing. Then, when you close the Popup that your Hotspot opened, the background audio will resume.

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