The SeekBeak Forms Add-On gives you the ability to capture the data that works for you.

Form Management

Create and maintain all your Forms from your Form Manager.

Forms are available to everyone on your Team with the appropriate Roles.

Create, Design, and Preview Your Forms in One Place

Display an Entire Form, Multiple Fields, or a Single Field… per Hotspot

The Forms Hotspot allows you to ask almost anything, at any place in your Snap.

Your 360º images help others find out more about you, now let your 360º images help you find out things like: what your customer are thinking, what your students are learning, what your potential clients are looking for, and so much more.

Responsive Forms for Any Device

Our Form Viewer magically fits to any device size, to make sure that your users can always give you the information you need.

Whether your users are on a 100″ touch screen, or a 4″ mobile phone, your Forms will look and function similarly across them all.

Real Time Reporting & Analytics

Our extensive reporting suite now includes Form specific reports to get you the information you need.

Generate summary reports on almost all types of Form Fields. Find out the percentage breakdown of responses, generate web based data dumps, export to CSV for processing and manipulation in your spreadsheet weapon of choice.

Get as granular as you like, filter your results by individual images, UTM codes, date ranges, and more.

Instant Email Notifications

Get notified immediately when a Form is completed.

Want to be able to respond instantly to a booking request, sales inquiry, or other time sensitive Form? Get instant email notifications to any, or all, people on your Team. Get real time feedback for bookings, lead generation, registrations, or any other important pieces of data.

Weighted Responses

Assign weighted values to responses for quiz style Forms.

Want to find out who got a 10 / 10 on their quiz, and who might need to pay a bit more attention? Turn on weighted responses with a single checkbox. Reports will detect and display the appropriate weighting when applicable.

Easily export the response data for import into 3rd party systems, including your favorite Learning Management System like Canvas, Moodle, eGradebook etc.

Creating a Customer Satisfaction Survey Form

Creating a Real Estate Contact Form

SeekBeak Forms, Form Designer, and the Forms Add-On are available now. Check out our Feature Grid and Pricing Pages to get all the details on the features you’ll need to capture the data you want.