Pricing & Add-Ons

All our paid accounts come with a 14-day free trial. See our full feature list.


Free Plan
Test out the platform, explore features
  • 3 Snaps
  • 1 Team
  • 1 Team Member (You!)
  • Basic HTML Embeds
  • Customize Brand Colours
  • SeekBeak Logo Branding
  • All Standard Hotspots
  • Basic Email Support
  • Basic Analytics and Click Reports – 7 Day Data Retention
  • Traffic Limitations
Per Month, Billed Annually. Or $149.99 Per Month, Billed Monthly.
  • All-Pro Features
  • Access to Sub Teams and Account Hierarchy
  • Access to Role-Based User Access
  • 3 Included Sub Teams
  • 8 Included Team Members
  • 1 Included Custom Domain
  • Traffic & Click Reporting (3 Month Data Retention)
  • Heatmap Traffic and Click Reports
  • CSV Data Export
  • Priority Developer Support
  • Custom API Access
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • Support for UTM Tracking Codes
  • Read About All Business Plan Features


Our add-ons allow you to extend the functionality of your account however you need it. Contact us for any questions you have.

Add A Team Member
Monthly Per Seat
Add To Account

Need more team members for your account? Add more seats to your account with this add-on.

Custom Domain Name
Monthly Per Domain
Add To Account

Bring your own domain name (i.e., and we’ll connect it to your account and provide full SSL encryption. This add-on can be added to any Team. Sub Teams nested under other Teams adopt any parent Team’s URLs in addition to their own.

Add Sub Team (Enterprise)
Monthly Per Team
Add To Account

Add one additional Sub-Team to your Enterprise account. Sub Teams are nested below other teams and have separate account content, Members, Roles, Groups, and Icons.

Sub Teams inherent the Domain customization and White Label features of their parent team, but you can also customize the Domain  to be different from the parent if you choose.

White Label Team Package
Monthly Per Team
Add To Account


Completely hide SeekBeak platform infrastructure for use in reselling situations.  Invited users to your account will see White labelled emails, knowledge base, and login screens. No mention of SeekBeak will be found on your account.

Learn about our White Label add-on here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Snap?

A SeekBeak Snap is a combination of the main image, along with any hotspots and associated audio/image files you attach to it.

Do You Have Monthly Billing Options?

Yes, all our plans have monthly billing options. You can access them by logging into your account.

How can I try out SeekBeak if I don’t have any panoramic images?

If you want to try SeekBeak with some sample images, try search the web for “Equirectangular” and you’ll find lots of panoramas and 360° images that other people have created.

What does SeekBeak mean?

The name comes from the initial development of the app. We were testing it on Google Cardboard, and found that the focus point of the image we were looking at was wherever we were pointing our nose. When hunting for hotspots we were literally “seeking with our beaks”.
What payment forms do you currently accept?
We accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards.

Where can I get receipts on my purchases?

You can find receipts on your purchases on your email which has been used for signing up to SeekBeak. You can also find them in invoices section of the “My Team Billing” in your account settings.

Unlimited Snaps

Pro Accounts can upload an unlimited amount of photos to their account but are limited to 200 uploads a month. For power users, please try the Enterprise plan.

I’m hooked, how do I make my own panoramas?

You’ve started at a great time, there are many options available these days:

  • You can get something like a Ricoh Theta S one-shot camera that does it all for you.
  • Use apps like Google Camera on Android, or Google Streetview on your iPhone or Android. Instructions for using Street View on both platforms can be found here.
  • Dive in the professional deep end with a DSLR rig.

Why don’t you have dedicated iOS/Android Apps?

We did have an iPhone app initially, but we scrapped it.
We found that trying to get clients to install a custom app was way more hassle than just sending them to a webpage using a browser, which is already on every phone.
If you’re doing a demo to a client, or want to show some content to somebody on the spot, getting them to download an app first is a pain. Depending on data plans and download limits, they may not even be able to download a larger sized app unless they’re on WiFi!
A large percentage of people will simply move on if they’re forced to install an app to do or view something. One less step in getting your content to them means lots more engagement for you.
Finally, people with strict corporate plan phones aren’t actually able to install new apps, but they already have a browser, so there’s another potential segment that you miss out on.A really big reason: everyone always gets the latest updates and features instantly, on any phone/desktop, without having to keep apps updated!