Pricing & Add-Ons

All our plans come with a 14-day free trial. See our full feature list.

For quick answers to most questions, see our Pricing FAQ below.

Enterprise / High Traffic
Agencies, Resellers, Educational Institutions, Organizations, Trade Shows etc.
  • All Small Business Features
  • Customizable quantity of included Add-Ons
  • Ability to use Sub Teams to Define your Organization Structure, with a Customizable Number of Initial Sub Teams
  • Heatmap View Report
  • Google Analytics Integration
  • UTM Tracking Code Logging & Filtering on All Reports
  • UTM Link Builder
  • 3rd Party JavaScript / HTML / Widget Integration
  • Allow Access from Allowed Referrers only (Paywalls / Monetization / Secure Embedding)
  • Bulk Report Data Export
  • 6 Month Reporting Data Storage
  • Dedicated Account Support
  • Read more about our Enterprise Plan
Per Month, Billed Annually, or $18 billed monthly.
  • Unlimited*, Unlisted Snaps
  • Custom Overlay / UI Designer
  • Custom Branding, Logo, Colours
  • 2D Navigational Maps / Floorplans
  • Non Destructive, Clickable Nadir & Zenith Patches
  • Ability to use supported Add-Ons
  • Email Support
  • 1 Month Reporting Data Storage
  • Advanced Traffic & Click Reporting
  • Download Full Size Image
  • Read about all the Individual Features


Our add-ons allow you to extend the functionality of your account however you need it. Contact us for any questions you have.

Add A Team Member
Monthly Per Seat
Add To Account

Hired some new photographers, or want to give a client their own login to proof your work?

Once you’ve used your plans included amount of Team Members, add more Members to your Business or Enterprise account with this Add-On, then assign them to a Team/Sub-Team with applicable access roles.

Custom Domain Name
Monthly Per Domain (Billed Annually)
Add To Account

Bring your own domain name (i.e., we’ll connect it to your account and provide full SSL encryption.

This add-on can be added to any Team.

Sub Teams nested under other Teams adopt any parent Team’s URLs in addition to their own.

This Add-On is billed annually.

Forms / Data Capture
Monthly Per Team
Add To Account

Flexible data capture and reporting solution, create up to 250 Forms with 50 Fields each per Team. Use our Form Designer to create your perfect form. Capture text input, multiple choice, multiple response, numerical and more. See the pricing grid for Plan based features included with this Add-On.

Google Street View
On Select Plans
Add To Account

Google Street View Badge

Upload your SeekBeak tours to Google Street View. Names, headings, connections, latitude/longitude locations are all migrated seamlessly through our easy to follow GSV Wizard.

Note: This is currently only available to Enterprise/Custom and select Plans.

Add Sub Team
Monthly Per Team
Add To Account

Add one additional Sub-Team to your Enterprise account. Sub Teams are nested below other teams and have separate account content, Members, Roles, Groups, and Icons.

Sub Teams inherent any Custom Domains of their parent team, but you can also customize the Domain to be different from the parent if you choose.

White Label Team Package
Monthly Per Team
Add To Account

Completely hide SeekBeak platform infrastructure. For use when reselling SeekBeak as your own Content Management System for your clients to log into.  Coupled with a Custom Domain, invited users and clients to your Team will see White Labelled emails, White Labelled knowledge base, your branded editor, and login screens with your branding. No mention of SeekBeak will be found on their accounts.

Subscriptions to Plans & Add-Ons auto-renew at the end of their monthly or yearly billing cycles, unless cancelled first. All prices are in US Dollars (USD).
For other billing related questions, please see our FAQ below, or contact us at any time!

Billing and Pricing FAQ

What Payment Methods do you Currently Accept?

We use Stripe as our payment processor, which allows us to accept Visa, Mastercard, and American Express cards in USD currency.

Where can I get Receipts of my Purchases?

All your Paperwork is in the “Invoices” section inside your Team Billing area. Add any Relevant Tax/PO/Reference Numbers if needed, and Download them in PDF format.

Can I Change or Cancel my Plan?

You may switch Plan types, Plan durations, or cancel your Plan at any time from your Team Settings -> Plans area. Upgrades and downgrades take effect immediately.

If upgrading, you will be charged a prorated amount for the remainder of your current billing period. If downgrading, your account will keep a prorated credit, which will be used towards your next billing cycle.

Cancellations will take effect at the end of your current billing period.

Can I Update my Payment Method / Details?

Sure! You can change your payment method at any time, via Team Settings -> Payment Methods. Any upcoming payments will use your new payment method.

To update your billing contact email, go to Team Settings -> Billing Contact. By default this is set to the person who created the Team, but if someone else is managing the billing for your Team, they should be listed here in case there are any issues with payments.

Do You Have Monthly Billing Options?

Yes, all our plans have monthly billing options, as well as annual discounted rates.

What is your Refund Policy?

We offer 14 day free trials on all our Plans, so you can make sure our platform fits your needs 100% risk free. You can cancel the subscription at any time within that time frame, and not be charged. Purchased Add-Ons, and Plans that have passed the free trial period are non refundable.

Are Your Biling Systems PCI DSS / GDPR Compliant?

All payment processing is done via Stripe, which meets the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), and is fully GDPR compliant. You can read more about it here

Why don't you offer an Unlimited Free Plan, or Lifetime Virtual Tours option?

As you’re probably aware, nothing is free, and “Lifetime” for hosted products is a polite way of locking you in, while really meaning “while our servers are still running, and we are still able to pay our bills”. Those of you who have been in this business for a while now will have seen some very clear examples of this, and hopefully you weren’t stung by them.
If you’re getting something “free”, someone is hedging their bets you’ll be invested enough to stick around when it becomes un-free. That, or you and your data are the product. i.e. Facebook/Google.
Servers cost money, as does bandwidth, electricity, hard drives, programmers etc. Someone is paying for that somehow. We’ve been an honest, sustainable business for many years, and plan on being around for many more, to keep helping people and businesses just like you.

Do I have to pay for Platform Updates or Upgrades?

Nope. All incremental, as well as major updates to the platform, are included. Not only that, but unlike downloadable options, you (and your viewers) get all updates applied automatically, without you having to re-configure, re-save, re-export or re-upload anything.
If you’re doing your due diligence across various platforms, please read the fine print on standalone or licensed software packages regarding upgrade or update fees. That “one time” fee can quickly become “one time, plus a yearly upgrade fee, plus re-exporting, re-uploading…” in order to get the latest features.

* Unlimited Snaps for Individual Accounts

Individual Accounts can upload and replace/update/delete an unlimited amount of Snaps to their account, but are limited to having 200 new active Snaps per month. For example, if you upload 100 images, then a week later you delete 50, you still have 150 remaining in that month.

For power users, please try the Business or Enterprise/Custom plans.