2024 Platform Update - Public Beta Testing Announcement

We’re excited for everyone to start using the updated platform interface, which is now in public beta testing at https://app.seekbeak.com. This is pretty exciting, but before you start getting all crazy, there are some things we need you to understand. For the purpose of this post, I’ll refer to the current platform as the legacy version.

What’s the Plan?

We’re going to get people using the updated interface, iron out any kinks, then replace the legacy interface with the updated one. The time frame for the final release is “when everyone is happy”.

Is this Safe? What About all my Existing Content?

Your existing content, embeds, and public viewing links will continue to work exactly as they currently do. In fact, public links and embeds have already been using the updated viewer for the past few months.

What about Custom Domains?

For editing: your Custom Domain login can only “point” to one thing at a time, and right now it points at the legacy editor. Once the updated version replaces the legacy version, your Custom Domain login will point to the updated editor.

For viewing: your Custom Domain is already using the updated viewer, so anything you create using app.seekbeak.com can still be viewed/shared/embedded using your Custom Domain, you’ll just have to manually swap the domain name in the share links.

Can I use both the Legacy and Updated Editor?

Yes, however, there are some very important gotchas:

  • The legacy editor cannot edit content created using the updated editor.
  • The updated editor is backwards compatible, and will load any content you’ve already created, although there’s currently a purposefully annoying warning message when editing legacy content.
  • While we’ve done our best to ensure there are no bugs, we don’t want a situation where something happens to your critical production work. With that said, initially, we highly recommend only creating/editing new content using the updated editor.

Is my Plan Changing?

Nope. Everyone, even people on grandfathered plans, will get access to the updated editor and the workflow and quality of life improvements. If you are on a currently available plan, you’ll also have access to a subset of the major new features in order to try them out.

We will be releasing new plans and archiving the current plans in the near future. When the details of the new plans are released, you’ll be grandfathered in to your current plan automatically. If you want to migrate to a new plan, you’ll be able to switch at any point from your Plans Area.

We have also re-done the Getting Started videos for the update, watch all of them with the playlist below:



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