Tour Guide Overlay and Viewer Links Update

Tour Guide Overlay Update

Tour Guide functionality has been updated to play nicer with any Overlays you have created! Overlay Nodes now behave more like Hotspots while you are giving a remote tour, or being guided on a tour.
If you are being guided:
  • Clicking on an Overlay Node will show a message saying it’s inactive while being guided.
  • Hovering over/out on a Node won’t trigger any over/out events.
If you’re Hosting or Guiding the tour:
  • Nodes with any Click, Over, or Out Actions assigned to them will be replicated to all people viewing. i.e. Hovering over an Overlay menu to make it appear, then clicking a menu item will now be replicated perfectly on all viewer’s devices.

Above we have the Tour Guide in the top right and 3 viewers. Hovering and clicking the custom button made with Overlays shows the synchronized hover on/off, and click effects across all clients.

Tour Guide Viewer Links

Bonus: As a quality-of-life improvement, the Guide now has access to the public link at all times at the bottom of the Chat Window!

Now, if someone joins the meeting late, you’ve got immediate access to the link without having to check emails/texts, etc.

For more information about SeekBeak’s Tour Guide Feature check out:

About Tour Guide

Scheduled appointments with TourGuide

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