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Tour Guide Links

Tour Guide is one of our most popular features! Now with this update, you can create predefined Tour Guide links for your remote tours/classes/sessions via your new “Tour Guide Links” area.

Once you create your Tour Guide link you are able to:

  • Have a waiting room with a customized message.
  • Send out the link ahead of time, rather than having to do it at the time of the call.
  • Specify the media options available for people joining, (combinations of Audio/Video/Chat).
  • Specify an optional URL to redirect to after the session is completed. This is ideal for sending people to an information, landing, sales page, etc. after the Tour Guide session is complete.

Tour Guide Scheduler

Tour Guide links are Team Member specific, and are used to start the Tour Guide session from any Snap the Team Member has access to.

The original behavior is still around too, accessible via the new Tour Guide Launcher popup. At any point, when you start a Tour Guide Session,  the link will be generated on the fly for you to send.

Tour Guide “Guide” Option

Tour Guide now allows you to hand over temporary control, via the new “Guide” option, to anyone else in the session, and take control back at any point.

For example: Teachers can now allow any Student to Guide the tour, while still being able to take control back any time they need to.


Check out the Tour Guide feature page!

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Would live to be able to provide a link that would allow my client, not a team member, to be able to be a tour guide

You could create a Sub-Team and invite your Client to join that Team. They won’t be able to see any of your other content, and if you give them view only access, they’d not be able to do much else other than tours?

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