Green Screen Background Videos

Chroma / Green Screen Capabilities

The big news last time was the introduction of videos as backgrounds for Polygon Hotspots. We’ve been iterating on that, and have now also introduced custom Chroma/Green Screen capabilities for Enterprise and Custom plans.

Now you can seamlessly integrate green screened products, people, or whatever you like into your environments. They are perspective corrected, only non-transparent pixels respond to hover events, and since they’re just Hotspots, they can do whatever you want when someone clicks on them!

Upcoming in a future release is a Video Node for Overlays, as well as a Video Hotspot which will allow for audio, playback controls etc. Yes, soon you’ll be able to have videos of overly excited people pop up and talk to your viewers.

How do you setup the Chroma settings? They’re applied via the newly created…

File Management Tools

Now that there are multiple places to upload and store files, we’ve been working on making the experience more cohesive across all of those areas. We’ve re-written all of the File Upload areas, for everyone, to maintain a singular look and feel, as well as added editing capabilities to the new formats available in the Team Files areas.

Custom Reporting ID’s for Hotspots

With the addition of .jpg, .png and .gif options for Custom User Icons, there’s a lot less people who are using text names in their Hotspots. That doesn’t work so well with the Hotspot Click report, as Hotspot names would end up blank.
To help, we’ve now added in a “Reporting ID” field for every Hotspot. You can find it tucked away in the “More” menu when editing your Hotspot. This ID is retrieved as a new column in the Hotspot click report CSV as well as shown in the usual web based report.
Now you can enter Product numbers, Internal IDs, code names, or whatever you’d like, in order to identify your text-less Hotspot which only consists of an eye catching, yet possibly seizure inducing, animated .gif of a Japanese tour robot.
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