New SeekBeak Website: New Snap Settings & Publishing Options

Hi Everyone!

Hope everyone is enjoying the seasonal changes in your respective hemispheres. Here in Canada, we’re on our 131st day of January with snow still on the ground!

It’s been a few weeks since the last newsletter, so I’ll keep the intro brief as there’s some really cool stuff to share with you:

We’re all grown up!

If you’ve been to the main website lately, you’ll notice a drastic change from our previous look. We’ve added some zing, a splash of pizazz, and a designer’s favorite word: ‘pop!’. It also gave us a chance to put more of a personal touch on our public face, by showing what some of our clients are doing with SeekBeak.

Check out our new Blog to see if you’ve missed any previous news, or maybe hit up our Examples page to see some cool… uh, examples.

Special thanks to everyone who helped out with content, and testimonials, etc. including folks like AndrewAllison (with 2 L’s), MatthewPaolo, and Todd! We’re always looking for more content to showcase, so if you’ve got a great-looking project, please contact us!

Override settings on a per URL basis.

Let’s say you’ve got a great-looking Snap you did for Client A, and you’d love to embed it in a site you’re doing for Client B. The issue is that you don’t want Client A branding/info plastered all over it! Now you can override certain preferences by generating custom URLs, all accessed by clicking the “Share” icon in the Navbar.

Unpublish your existing Snaps.

If you’ve already given us a public link to your Snap, and need to do some private housekeeping, you can now Unpublish it using the new Publish/Unpublish Lock icon in the Snap header.

Once “Locked”, when people use the original link to view it, they’ll receive a nice message saying that the Snap is currently being worked on, and they should check back later.

No more worrying about having viewers see half-finished work!

Say Hi!

A lot of our new features come from comments and suggestions from people just like you! If you’ve got anything you want to get off your chest, get a hold of us via the Social Media links below, reply to this email, or hit us up directly on the website!

That’s it for now, till next time!

Tim Allan



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