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SeekBeak is an online platform that allows you to easily add interactive content to your panoramic and 360° images*, and then share them with the world.
*We've also got beta 360° video support!


What can I do with it?

A lot actually! A SeekBeak Snap is a combination of a main equirectangular or panoramic image or video, along with any Hotspots, metadata and multimedia files you attach to it. The below Snap was made in our mobile/desktop browser based editor, and published live on the Internet in under 5 minutes.

We've got clients who are using SeekBeak for verticals including Tourism, Education, Training / Onboarding, Virtual Tours, Real Estate, eCommerce, Website Navigation, Journalism, Advertising and more. What could you use it for?


...or click here to see another demo in the SeekBeak Viewer.

SeekBeak Explainer

Want to learn how to quickly make something like the content above?
Check out our handy "explainer" video below, complete with acoustic guitar and chipper male narration!

Our Story.

SeekBeak started out like a lot of things do: as a solution to a problem.

When we wanted to show off a Photo Sphere, Panoramic, or 360° photo to our friends or clients, there weren't many options available, unless we hosted it ourself. If we wanted to add extra media or information, things got even uglier.

The existing solutions were cumbersome to say the least, especially if we wanted to add extra content or any sort of interactivity to our photo. Some solutions required us to have our own web hosting, to download and install software, run certain versions of operating systems, and some even had their own programming languages to learn!

We firmly believed that there should be a faster and easier way to share your panoramic and 360° photos with anyone in the world, with full interactive content, by simply using any modern desktop or mobile web browser. SeekBeak is that result.

With our cloud based SeekBeak hosting platform, you can easily create the best 360° Virtual Tours, Panoramic Walkthroughs, or publish interactive images and photo spheres, for free, all from inside your browser.

Have a website already? Seamlessly embed any SeekBeak Snap into your own site in seconds, with your own branding, your company colors, everything!

There are no apps or plugins for you or your viewers to install. We use only the finest custom HTML5 and WebGL. Your viewers can also decide if they want to view your panorama or virtual tour in "normal" or 3D Virtual Reality mode (on applicable devices, such as GearVR and Google Cardboard).


See that image moving at the top of this website? That's not a movie or animated image, it's an embedded SeekBeak Snap!

One with the Cloud

Everything you'll need to create, edit, and share your SeekBeak Snap is delivered quickly via any modern web browser. There's no software to install, back up, or keep updated. No website to maintain, no hosting to set up.

Mobile / VR Ready

The SeekBeak Viewer loves mobile phones and Virtual Reality. Move and rotate your phone to look around the images and virtual tours. Swipe, pinch and drag with your fingers, or use a Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR or any other compatible Head Mounted Display and let your head do the moving.

Reporting & Metrics

Live tracking and reporting on Hotspot clicks, interaction time, user location, social media shares, browser and device information. See where people were looking with Heat Map reporting. Easy A/B testing on Hotspot content. Campaign tracking with full UTM URL parameter integration. Export everything to a CSV file for extra number crunching!

Presenting: The Hotspots.

The Hotspots in SeekBeak allow you to add multimedia content and metadata, bringing your 360° images and 360° virtual tours to life. Hotspots enable your users and clients to discover content that goes way beyond a simple still image.

The SeekBeak Hotspots are rendered using resolution independent vectors, so they're always crisp and readable at any zoom level. Not only that, but you can configure the color and opacity of the text, background, and icon of every one.

SeakBeak Features

We're always eager to hear what features people are looking for, if you have an idea for a new feature, Contact Us and let us know!

100% Browser Based

No websites to manage, no hosting to configure, no software to install, no patches, no updates, no plugins, no hassle!

Full Editing Suite... On your Phone.

Just took a picture in store and want to add it as a new Hotspot image? Need to urgently update a clients name, move some Hotspots, or change a contact email address? We've got you covered. The full power of the SeekBeak Snap editor is available via modern mobile phone browsers.

Cross Browser Viewer

Our SeekBeak Viewer works across all popular current desktop and mobile browsers. Your users will experience effortless inertia based panning and zooming, using touch gestures or a mouse... all at a silky 60fps on most GPUs. If their device supports it, your users can optionally navigate around the image by physically moving their phone around, like looking through a virtual window.


We've written SeekBeak from the ground up... we aren't just another company adding a flashy wrapper over top of existing Panoramic/Virtual Tour software. We use custom visual display techniques, resulting in a less 'boxy' feeling with less distortion and skewing when your image is moving and zooming.

Batch Uploading

We don't like tedious things, especially when they can be automated. Create multiple Snaps with ease, then let the SeekBeak batch uploader do its thing while you go get a cup of tea. Batch upload functionality is also built into each Hotspot for uploading multiple images and audio files.

Dynamic Nadir & Zenith Covers

Gone are your days of manually patching the bottom of your images to crop out your tripod or giant thumb. Simply upload a patch jpg or png, and SeekBeak will non-destructivly patch your main image. SeekBeak will even dynamically rotate your patch to always face the viewer, so they can always read any important text right side up, no matter which way they're viewing.

Maps & Floor Plans

Upload an image and create a 2D map, or multiple layers of maps, for floor plans, overlays, arial overviews etc. using our ridiculously easy Map Editor. Easily add navigation Hotspots and let your viewers smoothly navigate their way around!

Custom Branding

Who doesn't love seeing their name in lights? Use your company logo as a watermark in your Snaps. Customize the Logo URL, title, position and size at any time. If you have one, you can also use your own custom Google Analytics Tracking ID per Snap.

Viewer Website Embedding

Want to seamlessly integrate a SeekBeak Snap into your own website? Each of your Snaps gives you a special HTML embed code which slots easily into any existing website. #Protip: You have full editing capabilities in the embedded Snap, so you see instantly what your changes look like in the real world.

Comprehensive Reporting Suite

Need to know how many clients or customers have seen your Snap? How long they physically interacted with it for? Gain valuable insights with our comprehensive reporting and statistics package.

Go Socially Viral (Or Not)

We don't force you to submit your Snaps to any online listings or directories. We leave that up to you. Your Snaps are private unless you publish your custom URL.

Sharing is Caring

Each Snap allows viewers to share it via their social networks or over email. SeekBeak provides dynamic thumbnail and content generation for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Twitter!

Virtual Reality & Head Mounted Displays

The SeekBeak Viewer supports stereo viewing and works great with Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear VR, or any other mobile based Head Mounted Display. You'll have automatic Gaze Based hotspot activation and virtual tour navigation in VR.

Custom Hotspot Icons & Colors

SeekBeak has dozens of stock icons for your Hotspots. We like to keep things neat around here so we only use vector based icons, which display crystal clear on any resolution. We understand that not everyone shares the same taste, so we also allow uploading of your own custom icons in .svg format!

Have some specific colors you'd like to use? No problem, SeekBeak allows you to configure the color and opacity of the text, background, and icon of every hotspot.

Referral Program

Give your friends a FREE month on any paid account by sharing your unique invite link with them. For each friend who registers, then subscribes to a paid account using your invite link, you'll get a $10 credit. For every 5th friend you sign up, you'll also get an additional $10 credit!

Team Based Accounts

All SeekBeak accounts start as a one person Team. Have a content creator that needs account access? Simply invite them to your Team!
Running an Agency, School, Company etc? Easily create White Labelled Teams, each with different branding, and manage everything from your one login. Each Team is a completely separate entity, including all content and subscription details. Team invoices come directly to you, and your members never see any billing information from us.

Pick a plan that suits you, upgrade or downgrade at any time without penalty.
Yearly plans save you 15%!


$ 0

  • 3 Snaps
  • 1 Map per Group
  • 5 Team members
  • All Hotspots
  • Basic Email Support
  • SeekBeak Logo
  • All Reports
  • Limited Storage
  • Limited Traffic


$ 11.90

per month (billed annually)
or $14 per month (billed monthly)
  • 50 Snaps
  • 2 Maps per Group
  • 10 Team members
  • Basic Hotspots
  • 2 Business Day Support
  • SeekBeak Logo
  • Basic Reports
  • Minimal Storage
  • Light Traffic
  • Create 360° Tours


$ 41.65

per month (billed annually)
or $49 per month (billed monthly)
  • 250 Snaps
  • 10 Maps per Group
  • 20 Team members
  • Plus Hotspots
  • 24hr or Less Support
  • Your Logo / White Label
  • Plus Reports
  • Moderate Storage
  • Moderate Traffic
  • Priority Processing
  • Create 360° Tours


  • 1000 Snaps
  • 10 Maps per Group
  • 30 Team members
  • All Hotspots
  • Premiere Training & Support
  • Your Logo / White Label
  • All Reports
  • Generous Storage
  • Heavy Traffic
  • Priority Processing
  • Create 360° Tours
  • Intgration with Shopify, Amazon, eBay, and more

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