Heatmaps Quick Guide for 360 Photos & Virtual Tours [VIDEO]

A feature that we’ve been pretty excited about here at SeekBeak is the Heatmap. We think it’s an amazing visual tool to show you what is grabbing attention in your photo. Below you’ll find a quick video explaining how to access this special report (available to Plus and enterprise plan holders currently). Here are some quick ways you can use it to improve your:

  • Find out what part of your home tour is most engaging for potential buyers. Once you know this, use this in your marketing materials and even set the default view to that specific spot in the 360 photo
  • Compare icon effectiveness. See if a new icon or animation is better at drawing attention
  • See where people naturally gravitate to, and place hotspots in those areas
  • Download the heatmap and attach it to your client reports giving a visual representation of the traffic and the work that you are doing!

Watch our quick tutorial below for more info:

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