Hotspot Icon Size, Rotation, & Position Customization in 360 Photo

In this guide, you’ll learn to resize, rotate, and position icons in your 360 photos.

As you can see from the image above, you now have complete creative control of your icon size and position. Options include:

  • Icon Outside – moves the icon outside the text box
  • Icon on Bottom – moves the icon above the text box or below
  • Scale – increases or decreases the size of the icon
  • Rotate – rotates the icon
  • Vertical Offset – moves the icon vertically
  • Horizontal Offset – moves the icon horizontally

For a walk-through on how to use this great new feature, check out the video guide below.

If you want to see the example image live and see a few examples of what’s possible, explore the 360 photo below:


Want to give this feature a try? Sign-up for a free-account today or give our premium plans a try:

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