Introducing: SeekBeak Enterprise! 1 year ago

After many months of development, we are proud to announce SeekBeak Enterprise: a white-label platform for interactive 360 photo hosting and virtual tour creation. With no complicated setup, hosting requirements, or installation required, SeekBeak Enterprise is the perfect solution for those who want to take complete control of their client’s 360 photo experience, but don’t want to build their own system from the ground up.

We created our Enterprise in collaboration with some of our most active users, packing it with features that they needed to manage multiple clients, brands, and users. We wanted to be able to deliver a 360 product that empowers users to deliver custom and premium 360 experiences, but without the stress and cost of developing a customized solution requiring developers and technical set-up.

Some of our unique Enterprise features include:

White Label Branding

Users can now completely strip all SeekBeak branding from the platform, including Domains,  and set up their own branded 360 platform. Use our easy-to-use technology to host multiple client accounts, each with their own separate branding, billing, and storage.

Manage Multiple Teams, Clients, and Accounts

Set up each client on their own sub-account and manage your entire business from one central admin. Control user privileges to assign admins, content creators, and view-only users. Each sub-account (called Teams) can feature unique branding and URLs.  

Advanced Reporting & Heatmaps

SeekBeak Enterprise boasts some of the most advanced tracking options of any 360 photo platform available. Track user interactions with each interactive hotspot, connect to your website’s Google Analytics for in-depth comparisons, and find out which photos are really capturing people’s attention. Plus, SeekBeak is the only platform to offer Heatmaps of user activity as part of our reporting suite. See where users are gravitating to with this intuitive report.

API Access

Want to build an app that communicates with your photo or account data, or integrate with your existing reporting systems? Enterprise users can work with our developers to access to our reporting API, allowing them to connect multiple systems together to uniquely suit their goals.

SSL Encryption 

Privacyand security are top-of-mind concerns for any modern business. SeekBeak offers full SSL encryption on all tours, custom domains included. Always look for the “https” on any website you share your data with. 

eCommerce Hot Spots

SeekBeak is the only 360 platform that directly integrates eCommerce hotspots into the platform. These specialized Hotspots scan your product page for prices, graphics, and key information and create a “Buy Now” button to drive sales from within your photo.

Mobile First, Including the Editor

SeekBeak was designed mobile first, which means all our features work flawlessly on any screen or device. Upload, edit, and create new photos and tours on-the-go with from your browser.

To see a full list of Enterprise features, check out our Enterprise Page. To learn more about SeekBeak, get started with a free account or sign-up for a free demo from our enterprise page.

Contact us via this page, we’re happy to speak with you via email, Skype, or phone!

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