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Bring your content to life. Create interactive experiences, virtual tours, and more, using 360° and standard images. Embed a wide range of content, track success with in-depth analytics, collaborate with team members, deliver live guided tours, and much more... all without writing code, or leaving your browser.
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The Ultimate Hosted 360° Photo & Virtual Tour System

SeekBeak is a toolkit which offers unparalleled control of 360º and flat images, virtual tours, and audience data. Create unique interactive experiences, track what’s working, and customize our platform to fit with your brand.

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How Does It Work?

  1. Upload your content to us. You can use both 360º panoramic, and flat images.
  2. Easily create your experience with our browser based editor: Add interactivity, information, data collection, and other media with our various Hotspots. Drag and Drop. Point and Click. #No-Code.
  3. Optionally create custom User Interfaces and Overlays for the ultimate in branded customization.
  4. Share it around the world with a single URL! Embed in any website, share it on social media, or anywhere else you like.

To show you these steps in action, we’ve compiled a playlist of short, introductory, videos on the basics of SeekBeak. You’ll see firsthand how easy it is to upload content, add interactive Hotspots, and finally, share and embed your masterpiece!

Manage Users & Multiple Team Accounts

Manage clients, team members, photographers, designers, (and anyone else), with our comprehensive Team based hierarchical structures and role based security.

Customize Icons, Colours, Branding, Domain Names

Take creative control over each point of user interaction. Easily use your own Domain name, add custom branding, logos, icons, nadir/zenith patches, colors, sizing and more.

Industry Leading Analytics

Discover exactly what users are engaging with, thanks to our comprehensive reporting suite, and deep analytics. Need more? Integrate any 3rd party CRM platforms with our custom scripting support.

Data Capture with Forms

Take bookings, gather contact/registration information, create surveys, generate hot leads, and capture any data that you need, using our fully featured Form Designer.

Security & Support

Unlisted Content, SSL encryption, Whitelisted Domains, Paywalls, Password Protected Content & Two Factor Account Logins. Questions? We offer the best support in the business, with response times that will make your head spin.

Bring 360º & Flat Images to Life

Easily add all manner of interactivity to your experiences using our various Hotspots, and optional custom Overlays. No coding or IT department needed. Upload 360º or flat images. We bring the toolkit, you bring the creativity.

Anti-Static Tours

No more static tours that always go from A to B! Multiple image entry/exit points, per link customizations, and each image can be shared individually and customized.

White-Label Branding Platform

Reselling, or white labelling for a full service 360º appearance? Take your 360º tour business to the next level with our Custom and Enterprise plans.

Live Guided Video/Audio Tours

Be their guide, with Tour Guide. Invite viewers inside of your experience with a single link, or book it in advance. See and hear every one in real time.

Custom Overlays & UI

Tired of using the same User Interface for your content? Why not make your own! Drag and Drop your way to custom User Interface nirvana with our Overlay Designer.

Custom Transitions

Do the usual walkthroughs, zooms, crossfades and more with our stock transitions, but for something unique, dive into our Custom Transition Designer! Create custom wipes, timings, animation curves and more!

Add Some Pizazz

Insert images and videos, (including chroma key/green screen), into your content via Polygon Hotspots, easily adding unlimited perspective correct images and motion to your content.

What is a Snap?

SeekBeak is not just a “Virtual Tour” builder, nor is it limited to any specific industry. We like to think of SeekBeak as a creative toolkit, which over the years, has become many different things, to many different people. In the spirit of keeping things flexible for you, we use the following terms for things:


A “Snap” is a combination of a main equirectangular 360º image, or flat image, along with the Hotspots and associated audio and image files you attach to it.


A “Map” is a 2D image with navigation Hotspots, which allows your users to easily navigate around. It can be anything from an actual map, an arial view, a brochure, or anything else you like.


A “Group” is simply a way for you to Group your Snaps. People use Groups for organizing Snaps by virtual tour, real estate property, client, time of year, company division, classroom, course… and some don’t use Groups at all!

Brand 360° and Flat Images with your Logo, Colors, URL, and More

Create 360° brand experiences

Remove SeekBeak branding and replace it with your own for a custom branding experience. Embed your 360° images in your own website or private client pages. 

Click here to learn about brand customization.

branding engagement level

Track ROI & User Interest with Deep Analytics

Custom reporting for your virtual tours and 360° images

Find out what customer are focusing on using our heatmap technology and in-depth audience analytics. Premium users can use their existing Google Analytics account to integrate SeekBeak data for robust tracking options.

Learn about our reports here.

Advanced User & Team Management

Save Time & Money With Centralized Account Management & Role-Based Access

Set up each client on their own sub-account and manage your entire business from one place. Assign different team members to each client with different levels of access and invite clients to view photos as view-only users. So much is possible (including reselling accounts!) with our enterprise features.

Learn about our Enterprise Features Here

Custom Branded 360 Virtual Tours

Create Virtual Tours and Interactive Experiences in Minutes

Many clients call SeekBeak their secret weapon, allowing them to quickly create all manner of branded interactive experiences, giving their clients that wow moment in hours or days, not months.

Being both extremely easy to use, and extremely powerful, is a deadly combination.

Head over to the Examples page, or the Users Group to help get the creative juices flowing. Then try it out for yourself!

Sell Merchandise with eCommerce Embeds

Run an online store? Apply our eCommerce embeds to your 360° store tour and sell products directly. Our system will automatically pull the price, image, and title of your product using your existing store data.

Learn about eCommerce options here.

360 photo ecommerce

Design Forms to Capture Data Relevant to You

SeekBeak includes an integrated native Data Capture system, including a Form Designer, multiple Form Field options, full reporting, instant submission results by email, and more.

Optionally require users to complete a Form before they’re able to view a Tour/Image. Great for Virtual Conventions / Town Halls, Lead generation, and more.

Check out the Forms page for more information.

Invite Viewers Inside your Content, with Real Time Audio/Video and Chat.

Our Tour Guide feature is perfect for offering remote  Sales / Tours / Conferencing / Inspections / Collaborations / Consultations / Progress Reviews, and more.

mobile virtual tour sample

Take Your 360 Photo Business To The Next Level

SeekBeak is a flexible and easy-to-use interactive 360 photo and virtual tour platform that makes it easy to manage teams, clients, and a wide range of branding options.Try out our platform for free today.