Embed Audio into your 360º photos and virtual tours

Hi all,

We’ve just rolled over a couple of cool platform updates, and I thought you should be the first to know about them… first off:

Who loves auto-playing audio on web pages?

Well, nobody really.

So it’s a good thing that 360º images are completely different from a normal webpage, right? This makes the fact that SeekBeak now allows you to have auto-playing audio on your Snaps and virtual tours perfectly acceptable.

Auto-playing audio is great for narration, music, sound effects, or whatever else you can think of.

Simply click the “Advanced Preferences” button of any audio clip to turn on/off the new autoplay feature.


No audio files? Don’t forget SeekBeak has a built-in MP3 recorder if you feel like doing your own voiceovers, guides, or guitar riffs… we don’t judge.

Next up: Background Audio

Also known as the ‘Paolo Update’, named after the user who’s requested this feature the most: audio files now also have a “Use as Background Audio” property. When this is set, your hotspot is hidden from view when you’re not editing and automatically plays the audio attached to it when your Snap is viewed.

Not only can you now have auto-playing audio in the background, but you can use our positional/spatial audio functionality with it as well.

That babbling brook can now sound like it’s babbling behind you if you look away, or a narrator can talk about the scene from a point of interest, or a teacher’s voice can come from the front of the classroom. Anything goes!

Here is a quick tutorial video to show you how quickly you can add audio to your 360 images and virtual tours

New Volume Control

SeekBeak is now clever enough to know if you’ve got any background audio in your Snap, and will automatically show a discreet volume slider.

One last thing!

Even though the onscreen widgets are tiny, things can get a bit busy in smaller embeds. So you, and your viewers, are now able to get a widget-free view, simply by single-clicking, or single tapping on mobile, when viewing. To get your goodies back, simply single tap/click again, and you’re back to normal.

There were, of course, the usual boring bug fixes and tweaks, but as far as exciting new features, that’s it for now!

Till next time.

Tim Allan


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