Reorganizing your Snaps and 360 photos

Order up!

We’re pleased to announce another great update:
SeekBeak now allows you to order any Snaps or Maps inside a Group, via a flashy Drag & Drop interface!

This feature is available to everyone right now, and yep, it works on mobile too.

Once you’ve ordered your items, that order is instantly saved and reflected in any dropdown that lists your Snaps or Maps.  The new Text Navigation Dropdown, the Map Viewer, Thumbnails, and even the Snap Dropdown in the Hotspot editor now use your new custom order.

No longer are you at the mercy of what order you uploaded your images in!

Other than a handful of smaller bug fixes, that’s it for this week’s announcements, short and sweet!

As always, our virtual doors are always open. Respond to this email, catch us on Social Media, or contact us via the website with any questions, comments, or otherwise.

Till next time!

Tim Allan


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