Secure Embedding/Monetizing your 360 content 7 months ago

SeekBeak now allows you to specify a list of allowed referrers for Groups, this new area is located under the Security tab when editing a Group.

This means that any content in that Group will only be accessible while embedded inside a defined URL, or when accessed from a link on a defined web page, and is not publicly available.

Anyone trying to access that content without going through one of those methods will either get a “404 – Not Found” error, or be redirected to a web page you specify, like a landing page, payment page, or any other URL.

This is helpful for content which should only be viewable from inside a corporate CMS (Content Management System), behind a paywall, inside a schools LMS (Learning Management System), on your Art Gallery or Museum home page, or anything else you can think of.

Custom Embed Popup Sizes

Yes, we heard your calls. Your client needs their embedded client content to appear bigger on their giant client screens! Well, now you can size the Embed Hotspot Popup, (say that 5 times fast), however you like.

You now have the ability to override the default maximum width/height setting, and set the maximum size to whatever you like. You can specify pixel values, a percentage of viewport size, or a combination of both.


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