Adding Colour to Your Virtual Tours and Snaps

Hi Beakers,

Much like good ‘ol 1940, SeekBeak has exited the B&W age, and is ushering in a whole new era of color!

What am I talking about? Well, there’s yet another new update that will magically appear next time you log in: SeekBeak now allows you to update the color and opacity of the text, icon, and background color of every hotspot. You can now make your virtual tours in full color!

Due to overwhelming demand, and much to my chagrin, the whole color spectrum is now available for you to use and abuse. Want to link to that special someone’s Facebook page with a red heart, have transparent backgrounds, or just love neon pink for everything? Easy peasy.

Here’s a quick 1-minute video showing how easy the new feature is to use:

Also, just to keep on giving, we’ve also introduced a “Duplicate Hotspot” button which appears on saved hotspots. Yet another way to save you time, especially when you’re mucking around with customized hotspot colors.

As always, both the new color features plus the duplicate hotspot function work 1:1 on desktop and mobile browsers, and are included free of charge for all plan tiers.

If you’ve got any features, suggestions, or comments, please let us know via the website.

Till next time!

Tim Allan

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