Starting Views, Deep Linking, Before & After Image Comparisons

Let’s chat Cameras.

Not physical cameras, but the virtual ones that your users look through when using SeekBeak!

We’ve updated the platform with a few new cool features to help with your virtual camera handling, and when used creatively, these features can solve a lot of challenges some of you told us you were facing.

Pitch and Yaw Start Point.

Previously, the horizon used to be locked in the middle when setting the start position of a Snap. You can now set both Pitch and Yaw (left/right and up/down), when setting the start point for each Snap. i.e. You can start by looking up some stairs, or down a footpath.

Direct your viewer’s gaze to wherever it needs to be as soon as your image loads. This can be set per Snap under Properties->Details, or on any Jump To Snap Hotspot… which leads us to:

New “Jump To Snap” Hotspot View Options.

You now have 3 options when setting the start point for Hotspots:
“Default View” uses the default start point set in the Snap.
“Custom View” will start at the point you pick in the preview window.

The “Keep Current View” option allows you to very quickly do:

Flawless Before/Afters and Comparisons.

The “Keep Current View” option will keep the current virtual camera rotation identical between scenes. By uploading multiple images taken with the camera in the same spot, you can easily transition seamlessly between images for pixel-perfect before/afters and comparison shots!

SeekBeaks A/B comparison options are perfect for things like day/night transitions, empty/staged scenes, before/after renovations, multiple setup types, and tons of other usages.

Deep Linking.

Last, but not least is a new ability to “Deep Link” to any viewing position in your Snap when sharing. The Share dialog box has a “Start Position” option available for this. The generated URL will override any Snap start point position, and anyone who clicks the URL will start by looking at exactly what you were.

As you can see, we really wanted to add everything AND the kitchen sink with this update. I’ll see myself out…

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