Deprecating Internet Explorer 11

It’s time to say good bye to an old friend. Well, not so much a friend, but more like that person you were forced to hang out with as a kid because both your parents were friends.
We will be phasing out support for Internet Explorer 11 as of April 1, 2021. It’s a suiting date because there’s no shortage of jokes in the development community about having to still having to support IE11 in 2021.
Maintaining compatibility for IE11 currently requires that we have to put in workarounds for unsupported features, which cause slower load times for you, and slower development times for us.
The big win is that removing all the bandages we’ve got in place for IE will benefit the 99.4% of you: using less memory, having faster load times, and allowing for cooler features that we’re currently not able to use.
Less than 1% of our traffic uses IE, and Microsoft themselves have noted that IE11 is not safe to use anymore from a security standpoint. Hence them releasing an easy migration to Edge.

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