How To White Label Our 360 Photo Platform

SeekBeak’s White Label add-on allows you to hide SeekBeak’s brand from the entire platform, including your internal account users and anyone who is viewing your Snaps. This is perfect for agencies, resellers, and users who want complete control over the brand experience of their own users, staff, and clients.

What the Add-On Does:

  • No SeekBeak Logo in the Dashboard menu of user accounts.
  • No Branded SeekBeak emails for when users sign-up to your account or reset their password.
  • Team Member emails are sent from a generic domain name.
  • No Right-Click SeekBeak menu branding.
  • No “Powered By SeekBeak” Icon.
  • Login screens are branded with your identity when used with a custom domain name.
  • White Labelled FAQ.
  • Access to a White Label Knowledge Base that contains support articles for the platform that do not mention SeekBeak. Perfect for sending your users to for troubleshooting without letting them know they’re on the SeekBeak platform.
  • Integration with our Custom Domain add-on to hide the SeekBeak Domain and integrate with the domain name of your choice.

Common Uses

  • Reselling Accounts – Enterprise users can manage multiple sub-teams from their account. By adding the White Label add-on to their Enterprise account, their sub-teams will no long have Seek Beak branding or infrastructure in their accounts. Agencies can resell each sub-team to a new client and manage it as if it were it’s own platform, without the client being tempted to take over account management as the platform will be displayed as an agency’s in-house system.
  • Complete Brand Control – some users want complete control of their user’s brand experience. By removing all mention of SeekBeak, you’ll have complete control over what brands users come across when using the platform.

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