Image Gallery Updates

The Image Hotspot is growing up.

It looks like everyone is now back at it again for the new year, so what better time to let you all know about some great new Image Hotspot features that have now been officially released? You know the Image Hotspot already, but now it’s got a fresh coat of electronic paint. All the existing functionality of the Image Hotspot is still intact, but we’ve added some cool new features to it, which we’re sure you’ll love.

Image Galleries

The regular Hotspot Image menu has been supercharged, and now allows you to add multiple images to a single Hotspot.

When your viewers click the Hotspot, SeekBeak detects if you’ve added multiple images, and creates a dynamic slideshow automatically.

Add or remove images from the Hotspot at any time, and SeekBeak will instantly update the slideshow.


Silky Smooth Navigation

Your viewers can navigate through all the images by using the Next / Previous buttons, the slideshow position dots at the bottom, by dragging on a desktop, or by swiping on mobiles!

Full-Screen Images and Galleries

Whether or not you’re using the slideshow functionality, there’s now a full-screen button on all images shown via the Image Hotspot. All your previous Image Hotspots now have this feature as well, no need to go back and update anything!

But wait, there’s more!

Going into VR mode with a phone-based headset will cycle through the slides automatically, with no fear of giving your viewers whiplash by requiring them to manually gaze swipe!

And finally, to add some more context to your images: Any titles and descriptions you’ve added to your images via the Files area can be optionally shown in the image viewer as your viewers cycle through your images.

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