Introducing Virtual Tours for SeekBeak

You love Virtual Tours.

At least, that’s the overwhelming feedback we’ve got from you! Over the past while, we’ve focused our programming nerd lasers on adding in some great features to help make your virtual tours in SeekBeak better, faster, and easier to make and distribute.

The big announcement today is the concept of Dynamic Tours and Thumbnail navigation. As of right now, your viewers can pop open an interactive slider containing all the Snap images used in your tour, and by clicking/tapping on a thumbnail, be warped to that Snap. This is across all mobile and desktop viewers.

“But wait”, you say, “I’ve never defined any Tours in SeekBeak, how can it know what images to show?”

*Trumpet Sounds*

Dynamic Tours is the first of two tour types we’re announcing (the second one coming soon uses Maps/Floorplans, but shhh, it’s secret). The Dynamic Tour is all done for you automagically, by simply using the Snap hotspots you’re already using.

You don’t have to define tours beforehand and there’s no list of “Tours” to maintain. Dynamic Tours work by going through the Snap Hotspots used in your current Snap, then going through all the Snap Hotspots used in those linked Snaps, and so on. This means you can now easily join multiple tours, separate larger tours, or edit any of them on your phone or desktop by using only the Snap Hotspot!

This quick video shows how easy it is to use the new Dynamic Tours:

“This is great!” I hear most of you say, but there are a few of you saying “Hisssss!”, especially you folks using SeekBeak for things like Training and Onboarding, where you don’t want people jumping around your tour all willy-nilly. This is why we added a new per-Snap preference to turn off the thumbnail navigation, so you can guide people, in order, through the intended Hotspot paths.

Among the dozens (hundreds?) of tiny tweaks and bug fixes also rolled over today, we’ve added a new Snap Group dropdown in the Hotspot properties area. Now finding a Snap to link to for your virtual tour is even easier by being able to filter them down by group!

These updates are included automatically with your subscription, they aren’t pay for, or freemium additions. And just like every other feature in SeekBeak, they work the same on your modern mobile phone as they do on your desktop browser!

If you’ve got any comments, feedback, or suggestions, please get a hold of us on the website, or come say “Hi!” via Twitter or Facebook.

Till next time.

Tim Allan


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