The SeekBeak Referral Program: Save Money Today!

Let us help you, to help your friends, to help you, to help us.

Our big update this week is the introduction of our new Referral Program! It’s a painless way for you to get cheaper/free premium accounts, to help out some friends, and to spread the word about SeekBeak along the way. 

New Referrals Area in your Dashboard.

Next time you log in, you’ll notice a new Referrals area in your Dashboard. Your new Referrals area explains in detail how the referral program works, shows you use various ways to use your invite code, and gives you real-time stats on how your referrals are going.

Show Me the Money!


For each friend who registers, then subscribes to a paid account using your invite link, you’ll get a $10 credit applied to your account. The credits don’t expire and will keep stacking up, each time you get a new one.

Friends you refer will get a FREE month of any premium plan. As soon as your friend upgrades from a free plan to a paid plan, you both get a credit applied to your accounts. The credits will be automatically applied to each of your next invoices.

But Wait, There’s More!

To keep things interesting, we’ve got a recurring bonus system. For every 5th friend you sign up, you’ll also get an additional $10 credit! That means for friend number 5, you’ll get $20. Then the fancy Friend-O-Meter™ resets, and after another 5, you’ll get another bonus, and so on, and so on. For those of you with plans that have SeekBeak branding: The small “Powered by SeekBeak” link is now a personalized invite link. People clicking it to find out more will become your referrals if they sign up for an account!

Talk to us!

Since the last update, there have been some general boring bug fixes across the site and a cool improvement that will save some valuable memory when your Snaps are viewed on mobile phones.

That’s it for this update though. Be sure to check out the new referrals area in your Dashboard!

We love hearing from you folks, so if you’ve got questions, concerns, comments, etc. Please get a hold of us via socials, email, or the website.

Till next time!
Tim Allan


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