How to Add Custom Icons to Your 360 Photo Hotspots + Hotspot Library 3 years ago

If you’re interested in more custom design and branding options, read our full guide here.

Custom Hotspot Icons

A great way to make your mark on your 360 photos is by uploading your own icons for use with your Hotspots. SeekBeak allows you to replace any icon with one that you’ve uploaded or created. The icons need to be in SVG format so that they can scale with any size screen that your image shows up on. You upload the icons via the “User Icon” section of the Dashboard.

Once the icon has been uploaded. You may access it from your Hotspot editor. You can also delete icons from the “User Icons” section.

Save Regularly Used Hotspots in the HotSpot Library

Occasionally, there might be Hotspots you use over and over again. We created the Hotspot Library so you can save specific Hotspots for reuse. In order to access your Library, create a Hotspot, open the “More” option in the Hotspot Menu, and then click “Open Library.” From here you can see any Hotspots that you’ve saved in the past.

To save a Hotspot, just open the Hotspot editor and click “Add To Library.”

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[…] If you know you’re going to add a link to your company website on every virtual tour that you make, you can save a lot of time by saving your hotspots for use later! You can create a library of often-used hotspots to really increase your efficiency when it comes to tour creation. Learn more about the icon library here. […]


Is it possible to use an image as a hotspot, size it on the panorama and link it to a screen presentation of that picture?

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