SeekBeek is on Embedly+Thumbnail Icon Support

Hi gang,

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend, it was Mother’s Day here in Canada, so everyone was busy brunching the day away.

Quick update today on a few things:

SeekBeak now supports the oEmbed format and has just been accepted onto Embedly. Embedly is a great service that makes it easy to embed content, without iFrames and code. Paste a public SeekBeak Snap link in any Embedly-supported site or platform, and magically get the Snap, not the link!

For example, if you’re writing an article on and you drop in a public share link to a Snap, you’ll get an embed!

There are tons of platforms that support Embedly including LinkedIn, WordPress, Disqus, Reddit, Matterport, and more.

Speaking of embedding, Facebook recently started cracking down and rejecting paid promotions that used thumbnails containing “Play” button overlays. This included SeekBeak thumbnails. Whoops.

As of today, any new Snaps that are created will get a new overlay which should appease the Facebook gods, and allow you to Boost or Promote your posts again. If you require older Snaps to show the new overlay, just replace the main Snap image with itself via the top panel and the servers will re-generate all the thumbnails. As always, my virtual office door is always open. Feel free to contact me with any suggestions or comments.

Happy Baking,

Tim Allan

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