New Transition Features

We’ve been working nonstop on the SeekBeak platform: tweaking and optimizing, ironing out some kinks, and adding new features to help make your lives a little bit easier! We are really excited to see what you guys do with our new transition updates.

Snap Transitions

Yes, it’s true. We are transitioning… and now so are you!

We’ve added new Snap transitions for everyone to utilize in your experiences!

Now, as well as the default silky smooth crossfade, you can have walk / fly through ‘zoom’ transitions, radial and linear transitions, plus a couple of quirkier ones like a clock wipe, Venetian blinds, and more!

Transitions are now available for all the “Snap” type Hotspots in all your 360 Images, Flat Images, and Maps!

There’s so much to the new Transitions we’ve created a quick video to get you started:

The Pig Wipe/Swine Swipe! One of the more creative transitions we’ve seen, from the folks at Be More Colorful

Transition Designer

Included Transitions aren’t enough for you? Certain plans now have access to the brand-new, ridiculously comprehensive, Transition Designer!

Create custom Transitions across your entire Team. Tweak all the parameters under the hood: timings, easings, and directions for both the Wipe, as well as the Movement portion of the transition. We’ve created a deep dive video that covers all the parameters, feel free to grab a coffee and check out our video:

The Transition Designer includes multiple ways to ‘wipe’ between Snaps.

Use the included Wipe Images, upload your own, or use our built-in Gradient Wipe Generator!

Create smooth branded wipes with logos, words, shapes, gradients, or anything else you can think of.

Certain Coffee chain logos are used as a custom wipe image.

Don’t have any image editing programs, but want to create your own gradient wipe?

We’ve created a built-in Gradient Wipe Designer, which will allow you to create any sort of directional linear or radial fade right from your browser!

The new Gradient Wipe Designers in action


Don’t forget to join our Facebook Users Group and share your transition creations!

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