New Features for a New Age!

It’s been crazy here at SeekBeak HQ over the past while. Everyone seems to be wanting to bring the real world into something a bit more virtual. Trade shows, expositions, retail experiences, Town Hall meetings, you name it. We’ve been focused on features that will help out this booming sector, as well as being beneficial for all our existing clients! So without further adieu…

Traffic Source Report

You don’t know what you don’t know, so we’ve rolled out two new reports to help you, you know, know.
The new Traffic Source report shows you the URLs people have come from when viewing your content. The CSV export lists all available traffic sources, the online version will show you the top 20.
It’s available now in your Reporting area.
Traffic Source Chart

Scheduled Group Summary Report

An indexed PDF file delivered hot off the press to an email inbox of anyone on your Team, containing the info for the groups you want, on a schedule that you set.  Plans which allow for multiple Team Members now have access to our new Scheduled Reporting System and the Scheduled Group Summary Report.  The report currently shows a total summary of visits and duration for all the Groups you selected, plus a breakdown per group as well.


Hotspot Activate On Load

Hotspots have a new “Activate On Load” feature, giving you the ability to have it open as soon as someone begins viewing your Snap. Located in the “More” menu when you’re editing the Hotspot, it’s perfect for any sort of intro, welcome message, usage instructions, embedded video, or anything else you can think of!

Require A Completed Form

Look, no close button!
Yes, “Activate On Load” can also be used to force someone to fill in a Form before they are able to enter your Experience! This was a heavily requested feature. If you set a Form Hotspot to Activate on Load, the user -must- complete the form before being able to continue.

Custom Integration Solutions

Again, due to heavy demand, we’ve implemented the ability to use custom JavaScript/HTML for select Enterprise/Custom clients. This allows for embedding and integration of webinar/streaming/chat widgets to help with Virtual Trade Shows, Exhibits, etc. If you’re in need of that premium functionality, don’t hesitate to reach out!

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