Polygon Hotspots

The Point Is…

…what we’re having to call our ‘old’ Hotspots now, as we’re officially launching our new Polygon Hotspot!
We now have “Point” and “Polygon” Hotspot options available when you click the “Add” button.
(Yes, we do also have Quick Jump, but it’s simply a Point Hotspot with some Pre-Selected options to help speed up your Tour Creation!)

Polygon Hotspots

The Polygon Hotspot lets you define a clickable area, not just a single point. Simply click around the object to create the main nodes, and the clickable shape is drawn automatically for you.


Okay, Hover Away

SeekBeak has always prided itself on having a 1:1 feature set across touch/mobile/desktop devices, however, we’ve had to cave a bit on that, and have now implemented a Hover color feature for both Polygon and Point Hotspots.
This won’t work on mobile devices, as they don’t detect hovering fingers…yet! It does however allow for all sorts of cool tricks, including completely hidden Hotspots, areas that ‘light up’ when you mouse over etc.


Hope you enjoy this great new feature!

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